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Stretch Yourself is designed to answer this question, and more. It is written from the perspective of the reader and asks the questions people ask themselves, and answers them with the information people need to improve their overall character.

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It dispels many of the myths that people perceive someone wants in a relationship and draws the reader to look within to make the changes to attract the relationship that they want in life. Stretch Yourself will teach you how to create the relationships you deserve in your life, live with passion and purpose, and realize all your ambitions as a conscious creator.

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Not merely a relationship book, this book explains how to increase your confidence by starting with the most important relationship you have in life - the relationship you have with yourself. The 10 steps in this book are timeless principles that were used by successful men and women now and throughout history. By being consciously aware and actively practiced daily, these steps will transform your relationships and your life.

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Book Details: Scroll below for more information about this book, provided directly by the author. Product description The same approach to creating social relationships should apply to online relationships, but unfortunately most LinkedIn entrepreneurs don't get it.

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It still boggles my mind how many entrepreneurs do this to me everyday on LinkedIn and then when you don't respond you never heard from them again or they have someone that is doing their lead generation for them just cut and paste something they learned from a webinar that tells them that it is sure to work. I may be even interested in what you have to offer if you took a second to get to know someone?

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  • Ask them real questions and not the ones you downloaded from a LinkedIn webinar. Find out how you can help them first..

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    If you help them accomplish their goal, they will help you achieve your goal. It is easier to sell when your intention is to genuinely help the people who would be perfect for your products and services. Even when I sold candy when I was growing up to my classmates and other students in school because I asked first what is their favorite candy.

    I probably need to offer a workshop called sales You may want to find out what flavor I like before you start thinking about selling me something. Your turn What types of connections are you making on LinkedIn?

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    What are you doing with your LinkedIn connections? Are you building, network, or just connecting to sell something? Share some of your Linkedin connection success. admin