How to Describe Colors: A Comprehensive Collection of Color Names & Color Similes

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It is promotion of mass consumption; It is the spilt blood by too many fights. Quick Bite. Men are like fast food. I don't actually hate fast food, But I hate what it does to me. There's a place where they can't stand our race We're the only ones who are always getting chased When we're in court they dont care about our case They never understand why we can't look at them in their face.

Dear Love. Thank you. Dear Love, I thank you. Without you, I would not be where I am today. Without you, none of us would have found our place. You are the Master of the Universe,.

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The Impacts You Make. Kline is like a nickel She always has a ferronickel strength When I'm not strong She is strong for me I thank her for her empowerment Kline is like a dime She always has 10 words of wisdon to share. He is a flame in the daylight: Seemingly innocent To the naked eye, But painful To the touch. Though he leaves. The Test of Time. Second drop, like heavy stones and minutes dive into depths so deep, that hours sink, like hefty mounds so that days may plunge; they may plunge straight down and years may plummet.

BTS: My Euphoria. You introduced me to love But the broken pieces of my heart Are because of you The things you do to me Are way past new you see. And for the first time, I dreaded the rain. Your smile was like a ray of sunshine; I liked your warmth. My Dear Friend. When you are here with me, Worries, woes fade away. Like a sunrise, above the bay. Always here when I need you. Warm hugs and heart felt advices, You never stop bettering my day,. About my Mentor. When I Was Lost. Hair a mass of frizz,. Goose bumps raise like braile The way muffins do when baked A force inside roars.

Some Form of Anxiety. She walks with her fists curved into a ball clinching on to the words unspoken suffocated by scream she's been holding in her chest like a little girl abandoned.

Please feel free to add more animal similes on the comment box. Thanks....

You were never there for me, more absenteeism then a procrastinator working a 9 to 5 job you played me this whole time like some first shooter video game and I was the narrator. The Key. Moonlight trickles in through my open window. A faint summers breeze sneaks in with the moonlight, and caresses my paper rhythmically. The Beauty of Poetry. Ever since I can remember, poetry has been by my side. It's as bright as an ember and lights my way like a guide. It has been with me each grade of my academic life. Each time an upgrade,.

One Pen, One Million Possibilities. The world confines me, It puts me in a darkness. But my thoughts are open, They are alive. I can write them on paper, And believe I will survive. Poetry's Inspiration. Poetry is a release It allows you to put emotions into words And being able to put them on paper gives you a sense of peace It lets your thoughts take flight like birds They can be uplifting when they're shared.

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More Than Just Words. We all search for a place to vent; to be free, with no condemnatory or disparaging eyes lurking in the shadows, no expectations. This is me. Ode to Rhyme and Redemption. Conflicting Judgement. An everlasting tunnel of many thoughts and dreams roads slimming as funnels shouted screams filled with schemes Thoughts powered by infinity oh what do I do settled land filled with serenity.

This is what life really is Not all fairy tales and roses I'm putting down my walls, So you can get a sense of some truth So you can accept it Reflecting on the days that I had it easy. What Was Had. How many hearts have to break? How many steps do I gotta take? How many breaths, oh lord forsake? Until I come home to meet my maker? I'm tired of planting seeds I wanna see them fruiting trees But would you get down on your knees To make your ego small as a bumblebee?

I need you to pollinate these ideas for me. In the Moment. Just Like Tides. Let the words flow Like the tides of the ocean Sometimes it ebbs Other times it flows Still, a beautiful work This is what poetry has taught me Sometimes you're low Other times you're high. Unbind My Mind. An empty mind of an artist is hard to unwind it's like taking the lights from the blind. Broader Horizons. Often did I not ponder poetry, oh how I loathed it. How it made me think as Tesla did current. Different emotions soaring like the sun rising on an early Sunday morning.

Reality of a poet. A term for people who's minds are strong and full of knowledge and opinions and experiences. As a Stone. There once was a violinA simple violinThe violin played beautifullyIt's strings strung tightlyIt's melody pureBut never as sure as the Grand PianoNo matter how tightly the strings drawn. I'll Make a Man Out of You. What is a Simile? Warrior or a poet? Same thing, right?! Harlem by Langston Hughes.

What happens to a dream deferred? DRAY , i mean more than the words i have spoken but it is the beat of my heart you just awoken. He's an Angel. Then whistling, like when your father whistles. Real quick,. Broken but Repaired. I measured each spoonful of Mexican cheese and sprinkled it, like a surgeon, over a bubbling omelette Next was the avocado, sliced in smooth crescents of green because that's the good kind of fat,.

Not you. I could get lost in the beatuy of your eyes Compare the, to the beatuy of nature Crystal blue lakes, perciuos gems I could say they remind me of home Of feeling safe Call your eyes bright as the stars. Mud Brown. They were too boring or dirty or lame. I preferred green or blue anything but dirt. Your eyes intrigued me. The color of your eyes,. A Nice GUY? Because you do not understand, how those word can effect my feelings. Let Me See Spread yourself wide.

Like a crater on erosion, I spread you even wider.


Mentally and spiritually I desire to be the Moses of the story. She came in like a shooting star , Stayed for a while and went too far, Every night in my tears, Every day in my prayers, loosing her was my biggest fear, After all she was too dear!!.. Sounds written by a victim of Misophonia Sounds Prevent me from eating dinner with my family. Speaking Truth To Myself. The Perfect Paper. Stuck like a little ring on a big middle finger Like a piece of hubba bubba bubble gum on the bottom of a germ filled school desk. Subtract from these 20 years,Those that I swallowed without tasting-Anesthetize the clocks,Sprinkle Father Time with amnesia,Whisper the year ,I am 13 again-.

Meeting eyes with you was like staring at a picture that has been hung in the living room my whole life. You were so familiar, yet you never failed to catch my attention. The Woman Who. Letter to the Future. A Letter To My Virginity. A Letter To My Virginity,. Dear Childhood. Parents watch there childern grow-up and as they do they hold special moments in there hearts and minds. They watch them say there first word and take there first step.

Noticing Nuances. I noticed you are the God of sunlight,. Dear Life. Dear Life, So far you tuaght me a lot of lessons You told me stay calm and never start stressing My childhood was the best days Now I am growing up and I am learning things in different ways. Dearest Convolution. The Trail of Hair and Toothpaste Clumps. Dear Claudia, I ask you to close your eyes.

Leave the pans with the plates. Let the fridge rattle in the background and the coffee cool in our cups. As we sit across from each other at this wooden table. I say that only because it is impolite to write a letter without proper introduction. What I mean to say is this: You have followed me my entire life,. Conquering Defeat. Dear you who is learning to understand, It's not about you. It never really was. True, your words like knives cut deep into my heart, ripping it apart when I needed it mended.

I Am Afraid. A Letter Home.

The surprising pattern behind color names around the world

Dear Mom, You were there at my first cry, as you held me close to your heart. We had an unbreakable connection right from the start. You were there when I crawled for the first time. You always manage to hold me back. Now it's time to get a new view and say goodbye to you, I'm putting you away like a blouse on a rack. Deconstruction of the Mind. Dear Mental Health, We talked about this. She Was. She was the mug that you had. Dear Love, People ask why it is that I am so afraid of you They say you cause so much happiness But what about the times you make people feel blue The times you cause people scrappiness.

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Of River Bends and Hollow Ends. To Her. To the girl from two years ago, You do not need to be afraid, For there are worse things to fear Than the darkness that shows In the middle of the day. My Skai, Sometimes, I wish it would all just stop. The lights, the sounds, and feelings. I swore to myself that I would stop, That I would finally be myself, But, I guess that stopped with you. Dear Ma, The eleventh of March Nineteen seventy-nine Baby born at this time Little foot with an arch; Her dark green eyes glistened As she looked at her mom Pat held her in her palm.

Dull Pencils. Letter to Acne. Dear Acne, Because of you I can barely stand to look in the mirror I see my facial landscape Patchy red plains meet blackhead hills. The Black part one. The Black pt. Thanks For Nothing. At the age of 3, her world was shattered. Just why would a father leave so early? Why would he quit already? Well, maybe he had his reasons. But just what could be enough to make him leave?

I may have a smile, But you must remember, I'm an actor. Pretending is what I do best. I soon become the character I am pretending to be. My fake smile soon turns real,. The Ugly Truth. Dear Best Friend,My parents thought they could save meSave me from the agony of real lifeSave me from the ugly truth that is my storyBut they couldn't. A house I wanted to grow old in. You are the closest image of home I have ever encountered. I buried my secrets into your crumbling foundation. My truths filled the holes of your cracking backbone. You loved it; more so you needed it to survive.

My Guardian Angel. Dear Guardian Angel,. I Need to Help the Earth. Dear Earth, Your beauty and bright colors mesmerize me. Your bright colors are fading away like the blue dye of rewashed jeans. Pretty Skin. My skin isn't pretty. Painted, ruined like graffiti. Peel back the skin, And all I find is more melanin. It's dark and tainted. Who Knew. Dear Love of My Life. In your face there is rest. In your eyes I glimpse a future, One that endures the burden bestowed upon it by time. I am who I am because of you. Dear Oppressor, I would like you to thank you.

Your mind may be orchestrating millions of ideas on why I would be saying thanks. Why would she thank her oppressor? Is she crazy? My Life. Dear Vicious Beast. The eyes of the devil are staring at me, waiting for a mistake. Like a predator, It glares madly to each of the steps I take.

Dear Eighth-Grade Amanda. Dear Eighth-Grade Amanda,. Dear Perfection. Dear perfection, You found me as an innocent child I gazed in the hot pink mirror with daisies and sunflowers My hair in tight pigtails that pulled at my scalp My chubby cheeks that were always called cute. Steaming Milk. I lift the cool Tin pitcher, its handle Biting to my bones. Thick cream pervades Its body, concealing numbered Scars with silk bandages. I push its frigid Bottom up and the warm. Diamond Hope. Gleaming like diamonds My hope shines out bright.

I am worldly, dark. See-through like diamonds. To: Mom and Dad. Dear Mom and Dad, you're who I want to thank. For being chill enough to deal with the music I crank.

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  7. The two of you are more awesome than fireworks at night. My eyes can see,. Secrets of The Devil's Mind. I love those mischievous hazel eyes that you flash with all your devil's mind games. Becoming a vegetable. Being Healthy is like a Vegetable, you grow, your sweet and edible But habing a Healthy Relationship is better you have a good status and less terror. Being Healthy is like a Vegetable. To My Friends. The world is a cruel mistress One moment you could be plotting along the next you are through the wringer and back Fate is entirely random So, my friends Just keep going.

    Reality can be tough. You never know it until it strikes. It's all too common in a society that claims to be "developed". Welcome to my Anxiety. Magic in a Name. Freedom they said, born into fredom. Free ideas that race like wild stallons, skipping across an empty night, waiting for them to fill it. Through the trees ripen with sumptuous fruit,. Houston, Texas is the sex trafficking capital of the United States. Dear Past Self. Dear Future Self,. Know your worth my beautiful sista You don't need him to know your worth Your soft skin and your plum lips with your brown eyes and thick thighs Or small thighs with hazel eyes Four eyes and skinny thighs.

    A warm running Fireplace had to stay Love was needed and some hugs right away It was fifty shades of grey just without the grey Flames flickering tonight but not today. Belac, my Belac, my unknowing Belac. Did you know that the first time I saw you I knew there was something? The wiff of your hair gel stayed with me Like smells that are meant to be remembered forever. From, Me. To You, Maybe I wasn't the best thing that happened to you. But I did happen to you. This was real. The 5 W's. Okay, first off does anybody know what color matches with forest green? Why do they got us locked up in school all day,.

    Dear God, I am Lost. Taking It Back. He started out as nothing more than the new kid From a far off town that no one knew the name Rumors flew everywhere Of him having fled from a dangerous past. The Half That Remains Empty. Dear twin sister,. Tell Me Now. You are my rock. When I need you, you're always there. You are like a blanket from my childhood. When I need your comfort you are there to wrap around me. You are like the ocean.

    Everything seemed like it was okay, Filling myself with empty promises, but not knowing they were empty, I went through life with no meaning, coasting, I needed an answer,. You and Me. Good Morning was the usual call The next was work and I struggled to see What was left of me I felt like I was in pain but with you By my side, there were no thoughts Like I wanted to fly free with you.

    Love Always Works Out. I know I make you mad girl But you said you'll never leave my head swirled So I know I have to put a ring up on it, because commitment ain't a game. Time Well Spent. The relationship we had was not solely built on love, but I needed it. See, the tweets you posted were the first giveaway; It showed your spirit and the things you believed in up until today. Because I love you.

    Relationships are like paper, The beauty is in the folds, But if the paper is left to entropy, The soul loses all shape and mold, Because I Love you I crease with care, As every memory pass,. Three words to end all life. Paper hearts and euphoric sighs. Because You Didn't Love Me. Maybe one day, I'll hear the word love and think of someone else. Maybe I'll forget about the lies that so gracefully brushed off your lips when you said those words that were so innoccent to me.

    But to you,. Who We Could Be. I've never known love Truly, romantically, Sometimes I feel that I would be satisfied if only there were Somebody to care for me who doesn't have to. Someone who chooses to, Who understands all of my flaws,. He Died. Our Epistolary Love Lived. Your touch ripples throughout my body, like ringlets on the water of an icy lake.

    In the same way that caramel drips off a silvery spoon, it glides smoothly but hesitantly. Since you've been gone I have changed You say you moved on and that we're estranged But deep down I know somewhere Deep down I know you care Even though you say you don't I became better you thought I won't.

    You Do Understand. It's being unaware of what our future holds; It's the not knowing that I love. It's the way the light falls into the room,. Like Nothing More. Love is like a distant cousin. Not romanitciszing but the rather friendly type of love. This was no self dependent type of contraption. I thought I'd be ok leaving you behind. The Love Demons. Because I love you I was in doubt.

    To think it wasn't a drop of poison To know it wouldn't ravenously consume You followed me around like a dog that needs water. The Fundamentals of Healthy Love. In life, many people will say that they love you. Is this so? How does one differentiate between pure love and the tainted? What Healthy Relationship Means to Us. To define a healthy relationship is to describe red to a blind man. You can try as long as you wish, but it's up to him if he understands.

    Perhaps he can tell you what red is to him, but how do you understand? Bigger Hearts. A heart is as big as you want it to be Say it again? A heart is as big as you let it grow like wool on a sheep. Hearts are fragile and can't prepare theirselves. Mostly, it's the brain doing the work. Caught Feelings. I once dated a boy who told me I had a big nose I mean he also said I was ugly, stupid, and fat But my nose… that one was new. Two hundred fifty miles away I miss you day by day You make me smile, laugh and sing In fact our love reminds me of spring.

    This Feeling. To the Boy I Love. I do not love you quite like Poe or Neruda or a romantic poet loves - a bigger-than-life love, a world-upending-passion love. Where this Flower Blooms.

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    Blue Eyes. Looking into blue eyes Two guys, one love, nothing to hide Starry nights, clear skies, stars aligned Adventures to live for, hands held combined. With so much intensity My mind races. Love is like a bunch of grapes, Held together by a thin vine, A vine built on respect, A vine built on trust, A vine built on a mutual bond, A vine that can be easily broken.

    Dear god, may I ask you a question? How could an angel of yours cause so much tension, a depression, confessions left and right, pursue a fight with no resolution then it just don't sit right. Sweetened Condensed Milk. The Girl on the 44th Floor. The Sign. They can blind one's eye and tell a lie covering the heart of Mai. With the kiss of one's lip and the truth be told, this can create its hold. Human beings, With soft warm skin, Galaxies beneath their eyelids, Are meant to be handled with care. You, however,. The Devil's Valentine. My name is Noor. When I was 5 years old, I asked my mother: What does my name mean?

    Her answer was the same as God's answer when a 5 year old Lucifer asked Him "What does my name mean? Layers of Love. As a teenager Love is a mystery It's the impossible holy grail That is romanticized in every movie,book and show. It seems as though nowadays. And Now it Was Just Billy.

    Because I Love you!!! I can't live without her! She's the strongest person I know. What is real love? Does it exist? Maps, for instance, were the focus of early explorations in making facsimiles, although these examples often lack the rigidity to the original source that is now expected. In the past, a technique such as the photostat , hectograph , or lithograph was usually used to create facsimiles.

    More recently, facsimiles have been made by the use of some form of photographic technique. For documents, a facsimile most often refers to document reproduction by a photocopy machine. In the digital age, an image scanner , a personal computer , and a desktop printer can be used to make a facsimile. Facsimiles are best suited to printed or hand-written documents, and not to items such as three-dimensional objects or oil paintings with unique surface texture.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Facsimile disambiguation. Pepto Bismal pink Persian rose amaranth apricot ash rose baby cheeks pink baby pink bacon pink ballerina pink ballet pink ballet slipper pink begonia blush pink bougainvillea bubblegum pink cameo carmine carnation pink cerise cherry blossom. Concord grape amethyst aubergine beet purple bilberry purple blackberry blackcurrant blue violet blueberry brandywine bruise purple byzantium cerise claret currant dahlia. Caribbean blue Caribbean turquoise Dodger blue Pacific blue Prussian blue Tiffany blue alice blue aqua blue aquamarine azure blue baby blue blue belle blue ice blue jean blue blue-green blueberry bluebird blue bluebonnet blue cadet blue.

    Granny Smith apple Kelly green Kermit green Persian green absinthe algae green alligator green apple green aqua army green artichoke green asparagus green avocado green bay leaf green bluegrass green boxwood green broccoli green cabbage green cactus green caterpillar green celery green chartreuse chive green chlorophyll green. October brown acorn brown auburn autumn leaf barbecue sauce brown bark brown bay bear brown beetle brown biscuit brown branch brown brick brown bronze brown brown sugar brunette burnt sienna burnt umber butterscotch brow cafe au lait camel brown cappuccino brown caramel brown cardboard brown chestnut brown.

    Mars black black black cat black coffee black licorice black pearl black pepper black tar blackboard black blackout blue-black bow tie black. admin