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In she sold her first manuscript, and now writes heartwarming Romances from her home in Nova Scotia, Canada. Donna loves to hear from readers; you can contact her through her website at www. Account Options Connexion. Version papier du livre. Donna Alward. From the moment he turned up late to her charity's meeting, placating everyone with a tip of his Stetson and a lazy smile, Angela Beck knew that Sam Diamond was going to be Trouble with a capital T.

Section Section 9. Droits d'auteur. Informations bibliographiques. Section 1. Section 2. He'd hidden out safely in the marines Ranch hunk Hank Brownlee wanted only two things from his new housekeeper -- companionship for his grieving father and some stick-to-your-ribs country cooking. What he got was something altogether different. The "matron" They had nothing in common. Except one night That magical night was everything model Rachel Barlow had ever hoped for. But in the morning, J. Stanley was gone, and he'd taken her heart with him.

Rachel knew she'd never see him again Surprise Family From the moment Rebecca Barlow starts her job at a law firm, she knows she's in for a lot of surprises. Especially when her new boss unexpectedly turns out to be her first love -- her son's father. Now she not only has to reveal th Even if he wanted a wife, it wouldn't be the slender blonde who arrived at the Circle K claiming to be the long-lost granddaughter of the late childless ow A saga about second chances for a woman bent on discovering a lost heritage while battling an attraction for the man who holds the key Caroline Randall knows her homecoming is a mistake.

Not only does he arrest and cuff her at their first meeting, Mike Davis matches her feisty attitude. After years, Caroline's Patience Anderson's child's life was at stake -- so Jim swept back into her life, secreting her and her son high in the mountains to protect them from a dangerous enemy. No one ever had reason to speak ill of the Crawfords. The wealthy Oklahoma ranchers were the cornerstone of Lawton society. But with the arrival of a stranger in town, rumors soon spread of an affair, an illegitimate child a Widowed and raising two children alone, Anna could not refuse Joe's offer of assistance Another Match Made in Cactus Suddenly a single mom and a ranch owner, city girl Suzanne McCoy needed help in a hurry when the matrons of Cactus, Texas, came to her rescue.

Their solution -- Ryan Walker, the best rancher in town and a single pa When Andrea Avery realized that her whirlwind marriage to the business tycoon had resulted in a bundle of joy, her protective instincts told her to keep the chi Randal Rescue Gruff as a bear with a thorn in his paw, cantankerous loner Russ Randall simply didn't need the aggravation of playing hero to a stranded lady and her adorable toddler.

Yet the code of honor held by all Randall men wouldn't allow him Army major Billy Colton falls for a beautiful -- and uninvited -- guest. But before he can convince her that he's a settle-down kind of guy, he must save her from masked intruders! Privilege was granted to one, poverty to the other. Identical twin brothers, separated at birth, are finally reunited in this Randall family saga. Gabe Randall struggled his entire life to own his Wyoming ranch, and it cost him the love of sweet J Jonathan Wilson knew he was headed for a showdown.

She was sexy, smart and she lived right next door. Would the sassy singleton succeed in putting a wedding rope around his The Randall Saga Continues Trapped like a hog-tied calf in a greasy spoon, champion bull rider Rich Randall had no choice but to accept the help of pretty diner waitress Samantha Jeffers to get himself, and his broken ankle, out of the one-hors The kiss was desperate, passionate, leaving Kelly Hampton no alternative but to smack the sinfully sexy cowboy who'd taken liberty with her lips.

Didn't matter that Pete Crawford was her best friend's brother. Didn't matter that he'd handpicked her t Austin, Texas But the identity of the father is hush-hush. Although expectant mother Briana McCallum has fiercely guarded her secret, rumor has it that she had met someone on a trip out of town almost eight month Hugh Blake, soon to become stepfather to the Maitland clan, has produced three high-performing offspring of his own. But at the rate they're going, they're never going to make him a grandpa!

Remember my dream man? The one I met when trapped in the elevator? Well, he's back -- and he's our new client! The moment I heard his voice, I knew Jack Waterton wa Burdened by fame and catastrophic family secrets, she'd sought refuge in Saratoga Springs to heal. Then Dr. Nick Hathaway appeared The Randalls are back! A new generation will discover the meaning of family Though not a Randall by blood, rodeo star Toby Randall had always been fiercely loyal to his adoptive family.

And his desire to never disappoint The matchmakers of Cactus, Texas, are back -- and all the single folk better beware! Everyone was convinced that Diane Peters and Jeff Hausen were perfect for each other. Everyone but Diane and Jeff, of course. She was a carefree career girl with bi He promised to watch over her -- day and night Jake Maitland, FBI agent and black sheep of the Maitland clan, had finally come home.

And he had a whole lot of trouble on his tail Camille Eckart was Jake's latest assignment. He'd been chos Ryan Nix knew all too well the joy of parenthood -- and the pain of loss. So he vowed never to let himself feel anything again. Until he looked through a nursery window to find his name listed as the father of Emma Davenport's newborn baby girl!

Quick -- check the phone book under "Groom"! Independent lady Elise Foster didn't want a husband -- but she was desperate for a fiance. To pacify her marriage-hungry family, she had to find a hunk she could pass off as her man-in-waiting. Then the p Rumor has it that our resident attorney Quinn Spencer has been offering Molly Blake more than legal advice these past cold winter nights. Does this sandy-haired stud, who has broken hearts all over Spending the night with a sexy, bossy cowboy had not been Lindsay Crawford's idea! But when a storm left her snowbound with gruff Gil Daniels, she had to be practical.

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And though his kisses made her quite warm, nothing happened! Trouble was, Linds Don't like the change to my will? Didn't think you would. But someone had to bring you to your senses. You can be so stubborn Man was the strong one, Logan thought. Woman the nester, who needed to be protected. But not Abby Kennedy.

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Tonight, she hadn't needed him to wait up for her. To be there when she got home. To listen to the events of the evening. He had been the one w It was her smile that caused all the trouble. Yep, ranch foreman Rob Hansen was sure he never would have agreed to be Melissa Kennedy's counterfeit fiance if she hadn't given him one of her killer smiles.

And now he found himse But born illegitimate, a lifelong loner, what the cowboy didn't understand--would probably never understand--was families. Which meant that the attraction he felt for rich, pretty Every Man Has His Price!

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Lost Springs Ranch was famous for turning young mavericks into good men. So word that the ranch was in financial trouble sent a herd of loyal bachelors stampeding back to Wyoming to put themselves on the auction block! She needed a husband--fast. He just wanted a few home-cooked meals. Let the great Texas wedding bargain begin! It was desperation that had Megan Ford proposing to solitary rancher Rick Astin. She promised to pay handsomely for an in-name-only marr Elizabeth Lee and her unborn child.

For she might soon deliver the winner of Bison City, Wyoming's millennium baby contest. But a Marriage and Babies for this Cowboy? Mac Gibbons sure knew marriage was not for him--no matter what the matchmakers of Cactus, Texas, had to say! So the determined bachelor put his plan into action: He and new town doc Samantha Collins pretended t The Baby Is His!

Seems that though Tuck could never forget the woman who'd stolen his heart, she couldn't remember him. Nor how she got pregna The cowboy is about to be a daddy! What happened to the Determined Bachelor of Cactus, Texas? Melanie Rule, that's what! Once Spence Hauk discovered that their one night of passion was about to produce a baby in a few months, he found himself hap Cal Baxter never put women and his mother in the same sentence - till he got wind of The Bet. Seems the first ladies of Cactus, Texas, had a hankerin' for grandkids - and they'd stop at nothing till they turned their four sons into f Susan Greenwood had expected a tip, not an offer of marriage!

One very run-down diner and three beautiful, independent sisters.

Baby sister Susan is still getting used to the fact that she has two sisters she never knew about. Now, wealthy rancher But that one good de New York computer whiz Alison Carter has no intention of repeatingher mother's mistakes. Mom's failed marriages to men with whom she had nothin in common had convinced Alison to search for a man who;s her astrological match. So what's she doing in ve Kate O'Connor is desperately trying to revive her late father's luck at The Lucky Charm diner by converting it into a catering business.

Only one problem stands in the way of her dreams: money. Desperate, she appeals to wealthy socialite businessman Dear Santa, Please bring me a train and a horse. The horse can sleep in my bed. Oh, and a daddy! He can sleep in Mama's bed. Earthy rancher Lucas Boyd desperately wanted a son, but not the emotional risks of love.

So where to find a surrogate "mother" to carry his child? Local librarian Susannah Langston secretly ached for a baby. But she didn't think a Only marriage could strike fear in a cowboy's heart! In tight jeans and a dusty Stetson, Griffin Randall looked every inch the cowboy. But unlike his new cousins, no way were his boots taking him down the aisle! The Randall men schemed to get G He's my dad -- the World's Most Eligible Bachelor!

Ever since Grandma, the dowager duchess, told everyone on TV that my dad was in America looking for a wife, unmarried ladies chase him everywhere. We're trying to get to my uncle's ranch, but no The cowboy was six feet of rugged maleness and animal magnetism When Liz Caine agreed to be a pretend princess for a week's stay at Lord Peter Morris's Montana ranch, she didn't know what he looked like in tight jeans and a Stetson pulled down Once upon a time Tucked way out in the woods, runaway Jessica Barnes found a tiny cabin after she wrecked her car in a freak snowstorm.

There was nobody home, so she rested in a downy chair that was too big, ate some leftover macaroni and chees Susan Kelly returned home eager to start a medical practice and enjoy a more relaxed, uncomplicated life. But she didn't realize how little had changed in the dusty west Texas town since she'd left so many years be Certain she can never recapture the passion she felt with her husband, the How to match a matchmaker Redheads raiding his bunk, blondes batting eyelashes, brunettes bearing food One by one they came after Jake Randall.

Now, Jake had been known to stare down a charging bull at three paces, but these husband-hunting f The Cowboy Was Hog Tied! One minute there were no women on the Randall ranch and the next Brett Randall ws in knots over two! Brett chose his rightful place behind two of his married brothers, but when he snuck back home to share his news, he g This cowboy had no intention of being a groom Until he found out he was going to be a daddy!

But by then, Janie Dawson refused to marry him. None of the four Randall brothers ever did understand them, and Pete was no exception. A Wyoming winter without women! Jake Randall couldn't let his brothers go through another one. So he did what any self-respecting big brother would do-- he brought them himself! From the minute she stepped foot on the ranch, Megan Chase saw fil I got money--and I need a daddy! I kind of told Teacher that my daddy would talk at show-and-tell.

Dear Santa, I'm just a simple cowboy who wants a housekeeper for Christmas. What I don't want is a wife! But ever since my ranch hands placed an ad, I've been up to my neck in wives. There are lots of desperate women in Wyoming you Could an expectant mother really forget who fathered her baby? When Caroline Adkins woke in a hospital bed with amnesia, she received startling news-she was pregnant! She couldn't remember one single night of passion Good body a plus! For no-strings-attached assignment. That about described the perfect man for Kelly Abbott's secret mission.

But Mr. Right had to have one more all-important qualific Nicholas Danvers wanted an experienced governess--not a timid slip of a girl like Susannah Brown. To complicate matters further, the auburn-haired beauty arrived on his doorstep with an infant in tow! In fact she had two fetching ladies in mind for her handsome brother and her scholarly, widowed father.

So when Decked out by her greedy stepmother in order to attract a titled husband, Emma is certain that she wants nothing to do with any man interested in her outer appearance, until she meets Richard Fairchild, who is less shallow than he seems But the headstrong young beauty Katherine St. Cloud had no choice. Unless she located a male heir - immediately - her bel It was not the type of story Elizabeth Broadhurst usually covered, but when the call came from her editor, she couldn't say no.

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Wealthy entrepreneur Jason Harmon had been secretive and camera shy for ten years. Now that he had ag True, the gentle beauty had every reason to hate her odious husband, but was she a co We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

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