The Visitor: A magical understanding of uncertainty

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The tragicomic sculptures stick in my mind as ones of the most haunting in the exhibition.

Towards the Uncertain Future - Kunstkritikk

Both Lilli Haapala and Akuliina Niemi manage to bring a new layer to the much-discussed theme of human—nature relations. Her installation Southern Hill is accompanied by a text that deals with the prehistoric tendency to carry around metal objects that make jingling sound. The text suggests that various bells were part of rural soundscape in Finland in the 10 th and 11 th centuries. The installation consists of a large print portraying a meadow, and three smaller, flat sculptures on a floor that have seeds inside them.

It all comes together in a fantastic way when one puts on the headphones with binaural sound, handbells and chimes. The effect of the sound is magical, and it takes one to a place of peace and serenity.

Ministry of Magic

Also, Titta Aaltonen sets off from history and the chain of generations. But instead of going back a millennium her approach comes back to the late 19 th and the early 20 th centuries. She looks for people whose family names have been changed to a Finnish version, in most cases as an attempt to hide their foreign pasts.

This subtle framework brings together an ancestral continuum and the current urgencies of invented borders and migration. Another artist taking communication and participation as her starting point, Elissa Eriksson, has researched the concept of money in several of her earlier works.

The Money Kiosk is perhaps the most pertinent of her attempts. At the kiosk, Eriksson sells money by pound — one cent coins, at a daily changing price that depends on the weather. The exhibition brings together individual artists and has no common theme, but the unifying curatorial stance is counter-populism. Neither learning nor love. Uncertainty is a feeling, an emotion. We can easily become lost and overwhelmed in the current of uncertainty.


By stepping back and experiencing uncertainty as an emotion we are freed from the concrete feelings of fear and doubt that coincide with uncertainty. How do we acknowledge and externalize uncertainty? Step back, take a moment. Meditation , journaling, an unplugged face-to-face conversation, a run, a shower…anything to break the pattern and shift your thinking towards clarity and peace. When you are paralyzed by fear or overwhelmed by anxiety of the unknown it leaves you unable to experience the only aspect of life you can control: the present. Fully engaged leaders recognize that experiencing the present is the key to living and creating with intention.

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Practice engaging with uncertainty, acknowledging fear, and transitioning from preparation into action. And then practice it again. And again. How do you engage with uncertainty? Do you find there are some aspects of your life that are easier than others to have uncertainty? Take control of your non-talents and fully engage in your life.

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The Visitor: A Magical Understanding of Uncertainty

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Understanding the Uncertainty Principle with Quantum Fourier Series - Space Time

Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. When Should You Share a Secret? What Is Catastrophizing? Matt Walker M. I cannot say that I do that often if at all normally.

The author's name is one that I will look for now and then, just to see what else she has written. While I am really not the groupie type, I will definitely follow this woman's work!


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