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Good morning to Halloween, Silver Shamrock. It's surrounded in eighties decor, has all sorts of broody atmosphere, and, by God, there's just Halloween stuff everywhere; I mean, everywhere. In a way, I actually associated this movie more with Halloween than I do the first Halloween , simply because Halloween is all over the place.

It's nowhere near as good as the first film. In fact, I think you could debate whether or not it's even a good film at all. But its love for the holiday, from the classic costumes, to the candy, to watching specials as a family, and some fucked up supernatural thing going on while watching it as a family I have a past Maybe that's why it was called "Season of the Witch", because it's not meant to deliver a story about the holiday, but rather an essence of the holiday.

And there's no doubt you can feel that essence of the season all throughout the film. Whatever your thoughts, you know you get sucked into the witching hour whenever it's played on TV. What can you say but Sings Silver Shamrock?


Again, splitting a lot of audiences down the middle, the Paranormal Activity movies still manage to produce major creeps with little cost. While many see picture of.. The Blair Witch Project as the film that made the found footage genre popular, it was definitely Paranormal Activity that kept it going. The film, about a couple whose house seems to be possessed by an evil entity, started out in very few theatres.

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Yeah, isn't that weird? A commercial for a movie that's actually asking you to demand the movie in your movie theater. Can you remember another film commercial that's done that? Having never been really asked that by our TVs before, audiences shrugged and said "why not". They demanded to see the film in their theatres, and sure enough, it became a smash, resulting in sequel after sequel coming out. And, just like Saw , it came out every year during Halloween.

But unlike Saw , these films were much easier and faster to make, because it relied on fewer production costs. If it looked like amateur filmmaking, that was fine, because it was supposed to look like amateur filmmaking. It made it more realistic. And its point of view action made many audience members feel like they were right there, experiencing the scares as the characters were witnessing it. Now, are they all good? Even the most die hard fan would probably say no. Me personally, I think 2 is the only one that was actually great from beginning to end.

The New Annotated Dracula by Bram Stoker | | Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

But even at its worst, every movie has something new and innovative to offer. The first one had scary subtlety, the second one had brilliant editing, the third one had the slow reveal of the moving camera, the fourth one had the clever use of the household appliances, and the fifth one Always keeping the dread high, the Paranormal Activity films knew how to scare an awful lot with an awful little. I've never seen a film that had such a devoted fanbase of people who have dedicated themselves to not spoiling the movie. It's amazing. Anytime you talk to someone, they always say "I can't tell you anything about it; you just have to see it".

And, in honor of that, I won't spoil it for you either. Though I do have to talk a little bit about it, but still, we'll keep this mostly spoiler-free. The Joss Whedon-written horror film relies much on surprise and twists. So like I said, I won't give too much away. What I can say is that on the surface, it looks like any other scary film.

A bunch of college kids go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and, of course, some supernatural evil tries to destroy them. Sounds basic enough, but as the film progresses, you find out very quickly that this is a love letter to not one, but every kind of horror movie ever made, and in a way you probably never would have expected. It tries everything to incorporate classic tropes through scares, humor, and damn clever writing.

Why do I have certain sexual fantasies after being abused as a kid?

And honestly, to say any more would ruin the fun. And I think that's why so many people consider it such a unique scary movie. It's a film you enjoy having revealed to you, and you get excited the more and more you start to figure it out. When you do figure out what it's up to, you realize you're having such fun with the concept, and realize that, not only is it paying homage to so many scary genres, but it's practically creating its own.

I don't know; I can't think of any other movies that have done specifically what this film has done, at least while still remaining a horror film. The discovery is too delicious to ruin, and I won't be the one to do it. Let's just say, it's a ton of fun if you know the secret, but it's even more fun if you don't. It works as both a great trick and treat on Halloween night.

Curt: No matter what happens, we have to stay together. Brief pause This is where we should split up. Yep, this film is not even a year old, but already, it has the makings of a classic. From its advertising, it looks like any modern day horror film, but when you start to watch it, you realize how diabolically genius it is. A young man is released out of a mental institution where he is greeted by his sister.

He was under the thought that a haunted mirror was responsible for the death of his parents, and was thus put away for it. Just as he's released, and he thinks he's gotten better, he discovers that the sister has found the mirror, and wishes to prove to the world that it is indeed haunted, murdering several people in the past, including their folks.

What follows is an exercise in insanity, trying to figure out what's real and what's not. The idea of a haunted mirror is clever enough, but all throughout the movie, we have no idea if this thing is really possessed of if it's just our two heroes going crazy. The mirror apparently plays with your mental state, making you see one thing when something else is going on. The reason this is so ingenious is that the brother has spent years having it drilled in his head that it's not, and the sister has spent years totally convinced that it is, and is literally devoting her life to proving it.

Both battle back and forth as we descend into the madness of the past, present, and even future of what's to come. We're seeing the story literally as they're remembering it, if they're even remembering it correctly. And they're constantly getting visions of what could happen to them, or maybe what will happen to them, but again, they have no idea if the cursed mirror is real, or if it's literally them sharing the exact same madness. Either way, they're both going crazier and crazier trying to figure it out. As such, we don't know either what's going on, and are terrified to see if they'll make it out if this alive or continue to torture themselves both physically and mentally, maybe to the death.

You, too, have a hard time trying to figure out what's real or even where you are half the time. The line is so blurred that you share in the insanity and the paranoia of what's going on, constantly having to second guess everything, and keeping the suspense high. Even if you don't find it scary, it's a great psychological dive into the tortured mind of two siblings who don't know what's real anymore, transitioning the battle from the internal to the external.

With great imagery, wonderful acting, and one hell of a great concept, Oculus may be recent, but I get the feeling its staying ability is gonna last for a long time.

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You've probably never heard of this one, but trust me when I say it's worth the search. Elizabeth Miller, Stoker did not travel to Eastern Europe at all. According to David J. Skal, Stoker wrote the novel using vampirism as an allegory for syphilis. He was suffering from syphilis at the time of writing the novel.

V is for Vampire: An A — Z guide to everything undead. In fact, Polidori admitted to taking Byron's draft and the novel was first attributed to Byron. Poor Polidori: A critical biography of the author of The Vampyre. As implied by the first "controversial" point, Sheridan le Fanu's Carmilla was a inspiration to Dracula. However, it was highly speculated that a theatre manager like Stoker was better acquainted with J.

It was the same theatre that Stoker was working at the time. Christopher Frayling. Vampyres: Lord Byron to Count Dracula. As much as Christian artifacts were used in the novel to repel the vampires, it was claimed that the heroes won by science and technology. The novel was seen as an allegory of scientific knowledge winning over long-held superstitions. Stoker has a degree in the sciences! He graduated with honour in pure mathematics. Stoker started researching for his novel in , but he only came across the name "Dracula" in There has never been an official Sherlock Holmes - Dracula crossover.

It went on to become a best-selling series in the late 70's and early 89's. It was and the play was "Waterloo". William Archer. The biggest contributor of the novel Dracula might have been Stoker's mother! Stoker was a weak child and spent his early years bed-ridden. In his memoirs he stated that his mother used to sit by him and tell him horror stories from the Irish plagues and famine. You are more than welcome! I hope this was at least entertaining for you. I'm very glad, then. Thank you! I scrolled down to point out a lot of the things you already listed.

Now I don't have to. You're welcome! Of course, there are a lot more facts about the legend that Bram Stoker had become. So if you can think of anything else, please feel free to add more! I am sure no one would mind - the field is wide open. A bed-ridden weak child listening to stories of plagues and famine? This alone sounds creepy. Yours is the only comment that makes sense [methinks better than the actual reading].

And thank you very much for your very kind words. Much appreciated. I think some of us feel a vested interest in this topic. There are researchers who actively study Dracula, not only as a novel but also a social phenomenon. There are honest-to-goodness scholars who study the life and times of Bram Stoker as well. The information is out there in academia, it just takes a little while to dig them up, that's all. But then again, as a researcher, it's a great honour to know that others appreciate their work. So, once again, thank you. Eventually I do want to look into the origins of vampires- I mean biblically it speaks of "don't drink the blood of the living" but I always wondered why that was Or the idea?

Or is it one of these mythological critters that's been around forever and a day in folklore? Like dragons or werebeasts? I'm like Not to mention the blood sucking critters in both cultures Unfortunately, I have a feeling that I may disappoint you with academia. The origin of the vampire is not nearly as romantic as most people imagined. And it has nothing to do with Dracula. Folk wisdom. The existence of blood-related beliefs stems from at least ancient Egypt It might have been earlier, but I speak from memory.

The Goddess Sekhmet was a blood-drinking warrior Goddess that had to be placated with blood offerings or red-coloured beer. In fact, most ancient folk beliefs and polytheistic religions all have their own code with the sacredness of blood and a list of their own blood rituals. Some strictly forbids the drinking of blood while others encourage blood-drinking. The origin of the idea is postulated to be the observation that all animals bleed when injured and will died when injured enough. This may also be the reason why prehistoric graves were found where the bodies of ancient humans were covered with a layer of red ochre to symbolize death.

Where did the word "vampire" come from? This is an easier one. The word "Vampire" was originally capitalized, meaning it was a title. It was a proper noun instead of a normal noun. The first English usage was in It most likely came from a Slavic origin and the earliest similar usage was found somewhere between the 11thth Century in Russia.

The exact origin of the Slavic word was unclear, but there were theories about the word coming from a Proto-Slavic word meaning either to "drink" or "the witch". Sources: 1.

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Oxford English Dictionary, 2. Vampires and Vampirism. Mineola, NY: Dover. Where did the idea of "vampires" come from? Once again, folklore. It was thought that there have been mythological creatures that are found throughout the world that have been used to explain everything from stillbirths, sickness, unexpected deaths to bad crops and bad livestock. These creatures were said to feed on humans and animals in more ways than one. Some creatures drink blood, while others take away life essence; some will also drink milk and semen.

And almost every culture has them - because misfortunes are universal. It also explains why there are so many ways to ward off these creatures of the night that are culture-specific. These ideas predate monotheism and were later incorporated by monotheism as a way to exemplify the power of the "One God" over evil. These creatures were examples of humans ascribing their misfortune one "evil spirits". These spirits just happened to have names that we know.

Source: 1. Summers, Montague []. The Vampire in Europe. Gramercy Books: New York, 2. Skal, David J. V is for Vampire. The "vampire" as we understood them came from a hysteria based on some military accounts that was first published between It came out as a series of report from Austria where an army legion found a cases where villagers mutilated the corpse of locals believing that these ghosts came back and demanded food.

The most well known was a farmer named Arnold Paole. His visits terrorized the village and caused sickness. The surgeon from the army recorded this incident and published as a curiosity. Almost like: "Hey, you won't believe what these backwards people are doing to their corpses even in this modern age! But the reported pamphlet was a big hit and since the mid 's, people haven't stopped talking about vampires. This hype had inspired a legion of Western European poets to incorporate this "hungry ghost" motif into poems throughout the 18th Cenutry, which culminated in the first vampire novel, published in Gramercy Books: New York.

Barber, Paul Vampires, Burial and Death: Folklore and Reality. New York: Yale University Press. Frayling, Christopher I think I know my limits. My fingers are so cold. And I deserve it, this time. At least my toes are warm, on account of me wearing my Uggs. I walk through the dark parking lot towards my white shitty AF Toyota Corolla that sits on the very edge of the parking lot. So, it has hit my best friend Audrey, my older brother Kade and my BF Coby in the head on more than one occasion.

I felt bad for them all, but poor Audrey got a small bump and a bruise since I was on the freeway and the visor flew open quickly when I slammed on the brakes. My Mother, Elaine, has been pestering me about getting it fixed, while I have been begging my Daddy, Jack, to buy me a new car. Mom gets mad when I beg Dad for a new car and tells me to be grateful for the car I have and to just get it fixed. I could only ask him once, since bugging Kade is a very stupid decision. He is a very obvious bad boy, and not to be messed with. Kade has short brown tousled hair, with those brown eyes that all the girls go crazy about.

He attracts many girls, and makes me give them the morning after talk cause he is never home the morning after. In his room. Which is beside mine. So, I usually have my TV on and headphones in. I have heard it a couple of times though. Once, it was after midnight so my TV was off, and then I heard loud moaning. I literally almost threw up. My TV was turned on immediately and I put in my earplugs. The second time I walked to the bathroom, and I heard the shower running. I assumed Kade was taking the shower and I was going to knock to ask him how long he would be. I shrieked and hightailed it away from there.

They should yell at him or ground him, but no. I understand, and agree, mostly. Kade is two years older than me, and he just turned eighteen two months ago. My sixteenth birthday was yesterday, and I had a huge sweet sixteen party with all my friends there. It was a large masquerade themed party which was very similar to the vampire diaries masquerade ball. I even wore the same dress, which was envied by my friends. He has light brown hair, and beautiful green eyes. His skin is tan from all the time he spends in the sun playing sports in school.

After the masquerade party, all of us girls had a spa night at a fancy hotel, while the guys all went to some sports club or something. I have always had a crush on Coby. Well, it really started when I was eleven and he was thirteen. I would always admire him, but I never let him know I liked him that way. Then one night when I was fifteen and he was seventeen, he was slightly drunk -while Kade on the other hand was hammered and passed out in his room- Coby was staggering through the living room toward the couch.

Mom and Dad were away, and Kade took full advantage of the empty house and threw a huge fucking party. So, anyway, while I was walking out of the kitchen Coby tripped and landed on me, spilling my ice water on both of us. I giggled. And the way we landed, was an intimate position. I was on my back with him on top of me, pressing into me.

Then he just kept looking into my eyes, and drunkenly leaned forward and kissed me. I was more than shocked and froze for a second. When he went to pull back, I responded, stopping his movement. Then we ended up making out on the floor, covered in ice water. After that, we talked on the couch for hours, in between make-out sessions. We ended up falling asleep cuddled next to each other. Even though all we did was sleep, nothing else.

I smiled widely while blushing, and agreed. We have been together ever since. Kade and Coby are the same age, and Audrey and I are the same age too. I pull my jacket tighter around me, trying to conserve some more heat. The seat warmers heat, but not to the full warmth it should get to. This is why I hate taking care of Mrs. I also have to turn off all the lights in her apartment except the living room.

And if I must go to the bathroom, use the guest bathroom. I also have to turn off and on the alarm every time I come and go. Plus, dusting the whole apartment. Fuck, I should be getting paid more. Stupid little irritating dogs. Scratch that, Mrs. Drake is more irritating than the dogs, although they are annoying little things too. UR mine. I laughed. I love that he cares though, but the odds of there being crazy people in an apartment parking lot, is low. I am very aware of my surroundings. But now Coby got me freaked out a little. Damn him.

That made me giggle to myself. I put my phone back into my jeans back pocket, then continued walking towards my car. Lesson very learned, the hard way. My fingers are getting numb. I put my hands in my armpits, which is kind of gross, but they are warming up. Which I freaking am. I see her, walking to her car, looking as innocent as ever. Her long hair is pulled into a ponytail, and she is shivering in the cold air. This girl is going to be terrified out of her mind when I get my hands on her.

That makes my smirk widen. It would be too fucking easy. Out here, in the open, all alone. I want to get her at her house, in her room, where she feels safe and protected. That will be perfect. Soon though. The girl has down to her ass wavy golden hair, mesmerizing ocean blue eyes, pouty lips and long legs.

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