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It makes you realize how much is out there. We live in world of constant connection and instant gratification. We need to get better at taking that step back. Giving thanks.

21 Mysteries about Space No One Can Explain

Appreciating all of those small moments in our day. Personally, my faith has been one of the biggest factors in my ability to take that step back. Actively saying prayers of gratitude has allowed me to become more attune to each and every aspect of my life that makes me happy. It allows us to live each day in the moment, taking nothing for granted. July 29, Life is full of big, elusive mysteries.

And so I leave you with a challenge. A new resolution, if you will. Be proactive in experiencing your world and its mysteries. Be aware and be grateful. Be amazed and be awe-inspired.

What are those burning questions about the cosmos that still baffle astronomers today?

Be humbled and be happy. Clusters of solar systems are called galaxies. Honestly, though, it could go on, and on, and on, and on, and, well, you get the point. Even if you take the most hesitant, even-keeled estimates—which come courtesy of recent Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences research—about 1 percent of all planets in the universe are at the very least capable of fostering sustainable biological life.

So, again, where is everybody? Enter: The Fermi Paradox.

The Mysteries Of Life

Coined by physicist Enrico Fermi in the s, the Fermi Paradox stages a valiant effort at answering this perplexing conundrum. Crazy, right? Pluto is technically not a planet. Scientists believe that there may be a ninth, undiscovered planet on the fringes of our corner of space. Researchers estimate there may be as many as million black holes just in in the Milky Way alone. Among the things that baffle scientists about black holes is when they were formed in the first place.

Research from astronomers examining radio-frequency pictures that provide data about early galaxies suggests the black holes may have gotten an early start.

Life Must Have It's Mysteries

Theories range from it being hot, warm, or cold, with one of the most widely accepted theories—the Lambda Cold Dark Matter model—maintaining that it is, like its nomenclature suggests, cold and dark. But the jury is still very much out.

Water, water!

A property of space overlooked by Albert Einstein? Purportedly, 80 percent of star systems are binary systems. Ours is not—at least not any more.

But unless and until we spot a star whose composition is identical to our own, Nemesis will forever remain a mystery. But other theories—like the relatively rote one of it being an asteroid stuck in our gravitational pull—persist. In any event, no one knows. Of all the planets in our solar system, Mercury may be the most mysterious.

21 Mysteries about Space No One Can Explain | Best Life

Some theorize it used to be a planet similar in characteristics to Earth and Venus, but had collision strip it of its crust or that the Sun boiled its crust. Either way, when it comes to this planet, there are a lot of questions without answers. The most powerful broadcast ever sent into space was beamed into the sky in —aimed at the globular star cluster M The message which consists of a graphic showing a human, our solar system, and strain of DNA, among other things is not expected to reach its destination for about 25, years.

This is when two particles mirror one another or interact in some way, even though they are separated by huge distances, even at totally different corners of the universe. This would be a pretty tough trick to pull off, but scientists have yet to find a fully satisfying explanation for the phenomenon. admin