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We need to exhaust our own resources and declare bankruptcy.

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We need to feel emptiness if we are ever to crave filling. The only way we can ever abdicate control is if we see that a life based on control ends up in brokenness. What is a parent who loves their child and only wants the best things in life for them to do? Probably the best thing we as parents can do is to allow them to journey to a place where they are bankrupt and in pain and fall at the feet of Jesus.

They grow up as members of the wealthiest generation in the history of the world, and of course they prefer to hang onto their options and resources until the last possible minute. Thursday, July 4, Sign in. Forgot your password?

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Anything else but bankruptcy will lead to religion. Any easy prayer besides the prayer of brokenness and desperation will lead to a side door of sin management. We must walk with people into their brokenness before we offer the solution of grace.

If we take shortcuts, then we just create religious people who want to know what else they have to do to please God. Laws are broken.

You Need to Walk Through Brokenness Before You Appreciate Grace

Families are fractured. Hopes are shattered. And our strength and will are broken by it all. At worst, we lose the heart of the gospel itself and end up with a God who is, at best, domesticated or, at worst, unkind, unjust, and uncaring.

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They explain why we are enemies of God, alienated from him and objects of his wrath. With the biblical terminology for sin in both Greek and English , the noun can also become an adjective, an active verb, and an adverb. So, for example, a sinner sins sinfully and a rebel rebels rebelliously. This means that someone who is broken is a victim and not morally responsible for their own brokenness. We only know that we are broken, and not by us. We are victims of nature and nurture, life and love.

This is not inherently problematic. But on its own, it does nothing to challenge or correct the self-centered and humanity-centred worldview at the heart of human sin. If we are broken through no fault of our own, then it is unfair, unreasonable, and unloving for God to judge us.

We are victims, so how could it be right for us to bear the blame? And if God cannot be our judge, his response to our problem can only be one of pity, not of mercy or grace.

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A gospel for broken people is one that offers healing, restoration, and wholeness. Like the true gospel, it may be free, but there can be no call for repentance because there is no wrong to repent of. Like the true gospel, it may offer hope, but it is the hope of the good life in this world—of emotional, relational, and material success—not the hope of eternal rest in Christ.

The Blessings of Brokenness - Audio Sermon

And like the true gospel, it recognizes that there is something wrong with me, but fails to address the evil in my heart. There is no penalty or ransom to be paid. No judge to satisfy. No holy love to appease.

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In fact, the cross seems to add more meaningless suffering to a broken world filled with meaningless suffering. admin