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The slightly worrying thing is how hard it is to find any reliable data on the purity of mountain streams. Dead Sheep. A safety first approach is to avoid drinking unfiltered or unboiled water from any source high or low. An easy to carry and use precaution is a bottle with a built-in filter. If you do use one, be aware that even though the water inside the bottle is filtered, water on the outside could still be contaminated, so use it carefully. Giardia, E. Giardia cycsts can survive for months in cold water, making them a particular hazard.

The parasite is passed on by contamination from faeces so in general, the higher and more remote the water source is, the less likely it is to be hazardous. In a study in Finland, water sources of both rivers and lakes were analysed for 5 consecutive seasons between and for various enterpathogens and fecal indicators. Out of these , 57 contained a value of the above likely to infect humans!!! In Scotland they are now having to deal with problems caused by the huge increase in wild camping in places like Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.

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The problem of human jobbies has now got so bad that small shops, tourist offices and park offices are to distribute free people bags which are like doggy bags but a bit bigger…. We normally use a waterless toilet, and we urinate in nature in a designated area consistent with directions from authorities that are abiding by the environmental impact studies done by environmental scientists.

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Since we are going to assume that our dishwater is coming from the river, we are going to focus on how that dish washing setup is organized. In a restaurant dishwasher all but the last cycle is often done with very hot water. The additional fourth bucket or wash cycle is the first bucket in the system, and is usually a disgusting mess of grease and food. You could bypass this bucket with some paper towels or just an aggressive spatula session, or a dog.

Can I drink BC water?

The main 3 wash cycles on a multi-day rafting trip are ubiquitously the degreasing, main wash, and sanitizing. On the river the water in the first two wash cycles is boiled for a couple minutes, or at the very least is brought to a temperature that will kill all common bacteria around degrees.

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As stated the first two cycles in a rafting camp dishwashing station are both done with hot to very hot water, and at least the first cycle has ample dish soap or degreaser involved. The dishes are scrubbed, washed, sanitized, and placed in some kind of drying rack to air dry. Usually you will have the most dishes at night after dinner, and the dishes will air dry overnight, and the next morning the guides or your group of private river rafters can put the dishes away. Cooking with river water on whitewater rafting trips occupies a little bit of a grey area.

Unlike dishwater, this water is not always immediately treated with either heat or chemicals. Instead, water is often added to recipes that will eventually, but not immediately call for baking or cooking. Think about the water used in a recipe for brownies, this water, once mixed with the brownie mix, then will come into contact with dishes, a whisk or a fork, and then have a bit of an adventure around camp before any of the pre-existing bacteria prevalent in the river water meet their demise over the fire, coals, or propane based heat source.

Water for cooking, thus, requires more awareness by the river guides or private rafters in order to prevent cross contamination or water borne illness. Usually, coffee water comes from the river as well. On your hike, keep an eye out for sources of water. Where do the animals that live nearby get their water? Is there a lake, river, or stream nearby? Do you see any sources of groundwater? How about natural springs? Try to find a source of water and collect some in a bottle. Does it look safe to drink?

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Why or why not? Simulate the process water treatment plants use to purify water using the Water Filtration experiment found on the Las Vegas Wash Project Coordination Team website. Review the materials needed and enlist in an adult to help you find the items at your local hardware store or large retailer. If you want to learn more about how to survive in the wild, check out Survival Skills: 10 Ways To Purify Water online.


How difficult do you think it would be to purify water using each method? Choose one or two methods and give them a try with help from a friend or family member. Did you get it?

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