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A Compulsion to Kill : The Surprising Story of Australia's Earliest Serial Killers

Killers are anachronisms whose primal instincts are not being moderated by the more intellectual parts of our brain. What remains behind is these un-fully-socialized beings with this capacity to attack and kill. And often that capacity is grafted onto a sexual impulse — aggression sexualized at puberty.

Many serial killers are survivors of early childhood trauma of some kind — physical or sexual abuse, family dysfunction, emotionally distant or absent parents.

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Trauma is the single recurring theme in the biographies of most killers. Most serial killer biographies are self-reported, so you are relying on what they tell you.

Compulsion To Kill (Hectic Grindcore Violence from KL, Malaysia)

That being said, there do seem to be some examples. Ted Bundy is a classic one. He did, however, grow up believing that his mother was his sister. We had a killer here in Canada who was the commander of an air force base.

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He was flying the equivalent of Air Force One — flying around the prime minister, visiting dignitaries — then suddenly in his 40s, a colonel, he commits two sexual homicides. He is a mystery. There is nothing in his childhood to explain his behavior. There is also the strangeness of the late age at which he started. I am currently studying a serial killer called Richard Cottingham. I talked to him in prison last month. He comes from a nuclear family … the father was there, the mother was there, and there is no clear history of trauma or abuse.

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But there is nothing in his past that obviously parallels the early lives of, say, Charles Manson or Henry Lee Lucas. They grew up to be, well, maybe not all well-adjusted citizens, but certainly not serial killers. What is the missing X factor?

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My sense is responsibility falls on the offender here. Serial killers choose to act on their compulsions. During the first big wave of celebrity serial killers in the s and s, some defense lawyers tried to argue in court that serial killers are not guilty by reason of insanity, because an irresistible compulsion to kill is a form of temporary insanity.

The legal definition of insanity is an inability to distinguish right from wrong and an inability to understand the consequences of an action.

One can make the argument that serial killers suffer from psychopathy, that because they are psychopaths they have no sense of remorse or empathy and their decision-making process is faulty. The number one trait of a psychopath is a lack of empathy. Others are a tendency to lie, a need for thrills — psychopaths become bored very quickly — and narcissism. But the lack of empathy is the biggest thing. One common explanation is that psychopaths experience some kind of trauma in early childhood — perhaps as early as their infant state — and as a consequence suppress their emotional response.

Hotel K. Kathryn Bonella. The Complete and Essential Jack the Ripper. Paul Begg. The Suspicions of Mr Whicher. Kate Summerscale.

How alleged Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur went unnoticed

Complete Jack The Ripper. Donald Rumbelow. Val McDermid. Misha Glenny. The Gangs Of Birmingham. Philip Gooderson. Iceberg Slim. Your review has been submitted successfully. Not registered? Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Not you? Forgotten password? Steve found himself more and more at odds with the policy of gun control and the subsequent hardening of Police attitudes.

In Steve left the Police Force and became active in Politics, still a member of the 2 main shooting organizations he had seen the slow strangulation of gun rights in the UK; and after a year with a single issue political group he joined the UK Independence Party after attending a public meeting against the increasing dominance of European Union. After forming a local Branch of the party in his home town Steve campaigned in several local and National Elections, culminating in his being selected by the Party to fight for the Parliamentary seat for the Eastleigh Constituency in the UK General Election in He failed to win the seat in Steve met his wife Eva via the Internet and in they became engaged.

Now a permanent US Resident, Steve is a tireless campaigner for the second amendment rights. Compulsion to kill is his second book. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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