Possessing the Promised Land

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For the Word of God is living and powerful Living by faith is a daily complete dependance on God. Joshua shows us how to possess the Land Joshua I will not leave you nor forsake you. When we take one part of the land then we can see more areas to conquer and so on. We must always be moving forward in faith. Take up the whole armour of God, that you may.

Deal with them as David did with Goliath. He is not of God and is under the judgement of God.

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You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Have I not commanded you? OBC Office. Sunday Services. Oxford Bible Church. Fear, however, is something that we all have in common. How can we drive out this enemy? It is only through the Holy Spirit. For the Israelites crossing the Red Sea signified water baptism 1 Corinthians , which for us signifies repentance and the subsequent forgiveness of our sins. Is it possible that their crossing the Jordan forty years later to invade Canaan signifies our being baptized in the Holy Spirit to receive power to proclaim the gospel and establish the kingdom of God wherever He has placed us?

In Acts we in fact see that the gospel did not explode until the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost. Only after that was the Church born as the gospel was proclaimed with power by the suddenly emboldened disciples. How do we receive the Holy Spirit? To answer this question, we might well want to examine how the Israelites crossed the Jordan.

God had commanded the priests carrying the ark of the covenant to step into the flowing Jordan River which was at flood stage.

Possessing The Promised Land

The Israelites moreover were tremendously encouraged and emboldened seeing how the Lord was definitely with them—miraculously cutting off the flood-stage Jordan with its strong currents. If we are not witnessing fruitfully for Christ with power and not having impact on people around us—especially if we have been Christians for many years—then we must consider the possibility that we are not yet baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Joshua The manna stopped the day after they ate this food from the land; there was no longer any manna for the Israelites, but that year they ate the produce of Canaan. If we are truly baptized in the Holy Spirit—regardless of our theology on the Holy Spirit—we ought to be conquering and possessing the land around us for the kingdom of God.

If we are not—simply quietly going to church once or twice a week—then we need to face the hard reality that something very important is missing. Yet only two of the men of military age who left Egypt 40 years earlier succeeded in entering the Promised Land—Joshua and Caleb. Egypt serves as a picture of this world, whose master is Satan a.

Possessing Your Promised Land

Sinai where they received the 10 Commandments and for the first time learned about this God who had saved them His word was opened to us b. Sure it was a land of great blessing, but when the Israelites heard it also was the home of giants and strong walled cities, they became fearful and refused to enter As a result, they were destined to wander around the wilderness until the entire generation of adults that had seen the exodus died off Because they refused to believe God could bring them in and fulfill His promise, they were destined to wander aimlessly for the rest of their days a.

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What an apt illustration of so many Christians, a. If this is where you are today, take heart a. In old spirituals and some of the hymns, Canaan is presented as a type of heaven a.

Possessing the Promised Land

Israel had battles to fight in Canaan - giants - armies of enemies - cities to conquer - territory to be taken e. Canaan is not a type of heaven TEXT A. Moses stands as a picture of the law, and the law could never bring the people in to the promise: It could only help bring them out of the curse of slavery 3. In like manner, you and I can never enter in to the place of blessing by our own works 3.

No, we need a Joshua, the Hebrew spelling of the same name as our Savior, Jesus a. God lays out the borders of the promised land a.

Sea 2. A vast area a.

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The promise of God was much bigger than they ever realized 4. The total promise was vast, but Israel only possessed a small part of it 8.

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Even so, God has made hundreds and hundreds of promises to us a. I gave them out of love - wanted to demonstrate it - have given a promise that when she redeems one, I will do whatever it says - I am just waiting for her to redeem them He is just waiting to fulfill them d. Christian - put your foot down on the promises of God b. We think that what pleases God is our holiness; our deeply felt religion a. So there the nation of Israel stood a. Jump on down to v. God gave Joshua the promise of victory 2. And the victory would come, not because of the military might or prowess of Israel 3.

It would come because God would fight for them 4. God does not waste words a.

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Probably because Joshua was not naturally inclined to strength and courage a. So God encourages Him by reminding him he is not alone a.

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Jesus has made you the same promise a. In Matthew Jesus said He would be with us always, even to the end of the age b. We need some strong and courageous believers today a. This devotion manifested itself in the reading and study of His word 3. The Promise 1. True success and prosperity are not found in the accumulation of things 3.

Christian - lay hold of that for which Christ has laid hold of you 2. Don't be content to live only half the Christian life a. Enter in to the spirit filled life and possess the promises of God, 4.

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