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Chapter 2: A Two-Frog Story — Simon captures two frogs and trades them to Morgenes, who tells him a bit of the history of the Hayholt and the Sithi who lived there before men came. For a while, men and Sithi lived in peace. Men built cities, including a kingdom on the rocky penninsula of Nabban.

Then the Rimmersmen came on ships out of the west, landing in the north. Simon mentions Duke Isgrimnur great name as one of the current Rimmersmen. Morgenes, who is wizard or scientist, tells Simon he will make him his apprentice.

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This is the first chapter where Simon seems to have a connection to the castle itself…or perhaps its previous inhabitants, the Sithi. As he is touching an old stone of the Hayholt:. A voice seemed to whisper, whisper, the words too faint to hear. Perhaps he ran his hands across this same stone. A whisper on the wind. We will have it back, manchild. We will have it all back. But it is obvious that Morgenes knows…this is no doubt why he wants him as apprentice and teaches him to read and write. From the corner of her eye Rachel saw Morgenes stoop down and pick the object up. It was small and disappeared easily into the palm of his hand, and from there into his bag.

Do not bring him here, Elias. He is a dangerous man — believe me for I know him of old from the Usirean seminary on Nabban. The monks there shunned him like a plague carrier. This is a very well written scene , with Simon hiding in the chapel where he frequently takes shortcuts and is sometimes caught. And he also sees someone else spying on the two princes, but he cannot tell who they are. He describes the Hernystir who did not bow to the Rimmersmen and made a pact with the Sithi.

He meets Cadrach, who introduces himself as a monk, and wanders the market with Simon and surely filches his coin purse! Saw that one coming. Simon then decides to climb Green Angel Tower, which we as readers know plays a big part cause the last book is named To Green Angel Tower! All eight inhabitants of the room, the scullion, the statues and the huge eyeless skull, seemed to hold their breath. The long dead artisan had made Eahlstan humble and reverent, but also made him bold.

In his secret thoughts, Simon often imagined his own fisherman father might have looked like this. Staring, Simon felt a sudden coldness on his hand. A scullion was touching the throne! Then there is this passage as Simon searches his memory for a song of the six Kings, which matches my own motivation for writing this down… how can I read these books, remember that I did but not remember the flow, or the details?

If his own childhood seemed so long ago, he suddenly wondered, how must it feel to Prester John, who wore so many decades?

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Mercilessly clear, as when Simon remembered past humiliations, or soft and insubstantial, like stories of the glorious past? When you are old, did your memories crowd out your other thoughts?

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Or did you lose them — your childhood, your hated enemies, your friends? Coming down from the Tower, he finds a boy following him, Malachias, who he suspects is the same person he saw in the chapel spying on the two princes. I know I should remember who Malachias was or turns out to be , and upon typing this, I have a suspicion.

Chapter 6: The Cairn on the Cliffs — Williams squeezes a lot into this 20 page chapter.

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  7. There is the first interaction between Josua and Morgenes, with Josua pleading for some medicine to put King John out of his pain and he is convincing in that is the only reason for his asking. The funeral procession is told through the eyes of Duke Isgrimnur, who reminisces about battles, boating and other memories of his friend King John. Simon is serving liquor where is TABC? Pryrates turned his head to look down, skinny skull pivoting slowly on his long neck. There was a crack of splintered bone and a muffled squeal; the little dog writhed helplessly in the straw until Pryrates lifted his heel again and crushed its skull.

    That black stare — remorseless, unconcerned — caught and held him. What can you do about it, boy? And who cares? Morgenes translates the caption of the illustration as The Conqueror Star whaddya know? Duke Isgrimnur and Josua are sparing heavily, when Pryrates and Elias come down, banding words and then Elias and Josua are dueling with swords instead of words.

    There is discussion of the drought that has set upon the land, not painful yet, but will be soon. Pryrates surprises him, and eludes that he could capture Morgenes bird messengers and extract their secrets. What we need here is some good encryption! Chapter 8: Bitter Air and Sweet — To continue to drive home the point that Simon is just a struggling adolescent though we know he is somehow bound for great things , Williams puts the poor manchild through some hormonally-laced struggles.

    It is good to see him a bit clumsy and struggling, sparing with a friend Jeremias to try and improve his skilz so that he can become a soldier and impress the kitchen girl. Coming back from sparing through a shanty town full of people driven homeless by the drought, Simon thinks he sees Malachias, the boy he thought was spying on him in Green Angel Tower see Chapter 5. The Duke also spied the same drawing of the antlered dude that Simon was admiring in the previous chapter ripped it out of a book?

    Seems Prince Josua has gone missing, or has left the castle early without telling anyone, and the Duke is worried. Simon, who always seems to be in the middle of big events, over hears the conversation. As they look they gossip boys gossip? The rest of this chapter follows Simon as he runs along the roof, finds and stalks a cat. Simon also has heard rumors that Earl Fengbald was going to his subjects in Falshire, then Simon sees Falshire burning. He makes it clear that he does not like Simon taking his place.

    Oh, foreshadowing, Inch be thy name. Morgenes laughs, and responds:. You have a keen wit — well, sometimes, anyway — and you have gifts you know nothing about — yet. Learn what you can from me, young hawk, and those others you can find who can also teach you. Who knows what your fate may be?

    THE SILLY SALMON CHALLENGE!! ( craziest moments ) 😂😝

    There are many kinds of glory. The kingdom has certainly gone to pot since King John passed. And this is the guy Elias wants his daughter Miriamele to marry? Bad parenting, that. Duke Isgrimnur, Eolair and others are at the Kings tables, talking about the poor state of things in the Kingdom and asking the King for help. It gets a bit heated, then Elias ask Eolair to explain what the people are fearing:.

    The King raised an eyebrow as he rechanneled his gaze to the Westerner. They say the cart bears a casket and that black-robed monks walk behind it. Towser the jester, who obviously prefers Josua over Elias, lets Elias know Towser did indeed take the name of a dog, and sings a barely veiled song about Prince Hemlock poisoning Prince Holly. He turned pale and his mouth went all slack — and he handed it back to me. Some still think Elias poisoned Josua, some say Josua has gone traitor.

    Simon is taking a short cut deep under the castle through the storage rooms. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Send Simon Savage by Stephen Measday. When the going gets tough, the tough send Simon Savageinto the future. Thirteenyearold Simon Savage is coming home from an afternoon surfing when his world changes forever: his father has drowned under mysterious circumstances. Then he's approached by a secret government agency that informs him he has the perfect DNA for time travelhe is young enough to survive the harsh.

    The only catch is, until now, no one has been sent into the future. Yet that is exactly where Simon is headed. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Send Simon Savage , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

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    This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 10, Dale rated it liked it Shelves: grade-6 , middle-years , tween. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great. The characters lack much depth or personality I wish I had such wonderful coping skills! View all 7 comments. Aug 10, Anne Barwell rated it it was ok.

    This was a good read, but very much written for a younger audience. Some books for this age group I don't have that feeling about, but this one felt it, though I do wonder if it was because I'd recently read Time Riders which is definitely YA, and was comparing the two. It's the first of a new series and I will read the rest, as I'm curious as to how it plays out, but the identity of the supposed bad guy and his justifications for what he'd done - something sat wrong how it spun him I'm gue This was a good read, but very much written for a younger audience.

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    I'm guessing it's because I'm looking at it from an adult perspective and this is written for kids. Still, it was well written, the characters are likeable, and the action scenes were well paced and held together. I did enjoy it, there's just something I can't quite put my finger on that doesn't do the final - must have copy, wow this was so good feeling I've had from other books of late.

    Dec 25, Alison rated it liked it Shelves: meh-abandoned. This was OK not great. Perhaps unfortunate that I have read some rollicking fast paced, action filled books in the past days and this just wasn't as strong. I have the print copy of this in our school library as well as the ebook edition of this and the sequel. Aug 06, James rated it liked it. This is an interesting book with a capital I.

    Apr 24, Sophia rated it it was amazing. This book was great, action pack and full of adventure. Jul 05, Chantal rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , science-fiction-ya. Suited to primary-lower secondary. Science fiction - time-travel, with concept of consequences of actions or presence. admin