Ghost Huntress: The Tidings (A Young Adult Paranormal Holiday Novella)

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Dark Harmony April 22, Romance Paranormal. Dark Harmony February 1, Erotica Paranormal. Dark Harvest October 1, Fantasy Urban. Dark Harvest December 28, Suspense. Dark Hearts March 29, Romance Suspense. Dark Heat September 24, Erotica. Dark Heir April 7, Fantasy Urban. Dark Horse February 20, Mystery. Dark Horse June 3, Suspense Thriller. Dark Hour July 5, Inspirational.

Dark Hunger September 1, Dark Hunger August 1, Romance Paranormal. Dark Illusion September 3, Romance Paranormal. The novels are primarily science fiction or alternate history. Cheers, Ted. I have guessed a bit as to where you might like to appear in the "By genre" lists, please let me know if you would prefer to be listed differently. I very nearly included a "Roimance" category - love-stories involving french-speaking royalty? I am the author of two non-fiction books, both published by McFarland and Co. Their website is www. Jane Duncan was a very popular Scottish writer who was published from until after her death in Her novels are semi-autobiographical, drawing on her childhood in the Scottish Highlands, her young adulthood in various parts of England, her war service and her sojourn in Jamaica called St.

Jago in her books. The nineteen books in the My Friends series were best sellers. She also wrote a four novel series set in a suburb of Glasgow and a series of books for children featuring the Cameron children. Her Downs Syndrome nephew is a character in two of the My Friends series as well as taking his place with his siblings in the Camerons series. It is an adult novel with a paranormal premise and a gay protagonist. Other planned novels are engaged in a shoving match for precedence while I work on a post-Collapse short story.

My reading includes a lot of mysteries and critical works on mysteries as well as fantasy, graphic novels, religion Pagan , some politics and current events, history and general literature. My name is Todd Michael Haggerty and I have self-published one work under the same name. It is a future fiction novel by the name of Keeping Luna, and I hope it doesn't suck. I was born and raised in Washington State, where I completed the failure of my education before fleeing to somewhere else, anywhere else.

Eventually, "anywhere else" became Norway and I've started up a proper family here with a wife and kids and cats and all of that crazy mad craziness. Tiny Human 3 is expected to join us two days from now. As far as work is concerned, I'm a chef by trade and I hate it. Love food. Hate working in the food industry. My first serious attempt at writing Keeping Luna, although I believe I was discouraged from plugging it here To be honest, I feel that it lacks of lot of my voice, as though I had to abandon too much of myself to best serve the story.

Nonetheless, I suppose it is fairly well-written and I wouldn't mind having a few strangers tell me what they think of it. At the moment I am about four chapters into another book, which will be more of a psychological thriller and will attempt to deal with the concepts of good and evil and personal morality vs. It will be a murder mystery of sorts, and there will be a lot more "me" in the narrative, which will be in first-person present tense and split between three characters. I'm new to both this site and goodreads. New enough that I'm still working at getting my book imported here.

As soon as I can make that happen i will be doing my utmost to give it away. Until then Nice talking at you, Todd. Another Rita! How wonderful! The first book is Missing in Egypt and both are travel mysteries. Winston - A Horse's Tale is for horse lovers from teenagers upwards and Dangerous Associations was my first foray into crime and a lot of fun to write. I also enjoy autobiographies. Carl Evan Wittbecker here.

It is historically accurate crime fiction a friendly serial killer. You can find it on Amazon. Hello everybody, I'm Alex Marsh. Another one from England - from the East, on the North Norfolk coast. I write One thing I've learned is that humour is almost impossible to describe. I was a well-known blogger privatesecretdiary.

Another book The Resurrection of Frederic Debreu was out last year, and it's the thing of which I'm most proud; I'm just staring at chapter one of a new manuscript and pondering where it goes from here. My utter disorganisation on social media etc. Pleased to meet you all! Hi, I am Gitika Yadav. I am from india. I am a young poet. I published my first book of poetry titled 'Voice of thoughts'. It is available on Amazon. Martin, Michael Carey, and E. I also think Bernard Cornwell is a great storyteller in historical fiction.

In fact, my own writing is influenced by all of these and more. I try to write fast-paced adventures for a bit of escapism that will make you miss your stop on the bus!

You can find out more about me on www. I currently live in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the north of England — north of the wall! I don't have much to do with that - I just pat the manuscript on the head when it comes home discouraged, feed it a bowl of soup and send it out again into the rain. I class books as narcotics and am totally and unashamedly addicted. I look for characters I can believe in, plots which are just quirky enough to be believable and interesting perspectives on life. Come visit me on my website, www. Falchetti Apr 5, , pm. Hi, I'm Shawn and I write science fiction as S. Just to confuse everyone I'm also an artist, so when writing I'm S.

You can find my author page at www. It's the same reason I draw. You can find me on social media as sdfalchetti. My series, Hayden's World Origins, is on Amazon. I live in Pennsylvania, USA. Hi thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself and my series of books called Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training. Misterhagg : If you wish to create links between your personal and the author pages you may go to the author page eg from the "touchstone list", or the index entries and then click on the "is this you?

Falchetti: the art is beautiful! Are they based on photographs? Hi there! My name is Gareth Worthington: Scientist. Must Thai Fighter. I'm about to have my first book published by Vesuvian Books in July, and my second unrelated book in You can find out more about me here if you're interested! Hi Everyone, I'm Sharlene Almond. My first book Initiated to Kill is the first in a series of four book I have already written. I'm a trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I love to write as it is my favourite creative outlet, that allows me to escape in another world. A create a complete story through a range of different ideas and characters. I can be found on these social media websites, and always happy to promote other authors. Links to my social media: Email: sharlenealmond gmail. Hello, Sharlene! I'm pretty sure we've never had a cognitive behavior therapist drop by before -- what exactly does one do? The books sound pretty exciting, too. And what historical periods have you worked so far?

I'm curious. Since you are the only Sharlene Almond on LT, there should be no problem with you "claiming" your author page, so I will encourage you to do that if you haven't already. On LT you don't own your author page, this is a cataloging site and author pages are a community resource editable by anyone. It just means that LT will now know that you the user and you the author are the same person.

If you need help with that, or anything else, let me know. I hope you won't get mad at me for saying this, but having your introduction spend more space on links than on the actual introduction is a little off-putting. If it were me, I'd do an edit: leave the blog link and maybe one of the about me or author page links, post a book promotion post in the appropriate book promo thread and move the amazon links there, and put the social media info on your user profile. There's a spot on the user profile specifically for social media linkages, so most LT users know to look for them there.

And, last but not least, Welcome to Hobnob! Hi, just recently signed up and getting to grips with LT. A little about me I live in the Lake District in Northen England, was a journalist for ten years and now work for a regional charity. I recently finished my debut novel and have decided to be completely independent either a very bold or stupid move - not sure which at this point! Hope to hear from folk and start interacting on here. Hello Everyone! I teach part-time composition and children's literature at a university in central Wisconsin, USA.

I write in several genres for different audiences. My historical fiction takes place in 19th century Europe and is for adults. I have a children's mystery, and I'm now writing steampunk fairy tales, for teens. LT does take a bit of coming to grips with. One suggestion I might make, is if you find time to add some more books, try adding a few less well known books that you really admire to sort of round out the genre classics you have already listed. The reason is that the fewer people that list a book, the stronger the connection there is between those few people.

But if their favorite book is only listed by ten people, and you are one of those ten, that might get you a sale or two. As for being "completely independent", I'd say it can be bold or stupid, depending on the circumstances -- but I don't consider myself either bold or stupid for going that route myself. I have found enough readers that I can now afford to pay my copy-editor, and I'm in the black. Therefore, I'm not stupid. Nobody believes that you are an impartial judge when it comes to your own books. Trying to market your work as an independent can be very, very frustrating.

Best of luck with it. And welcome to Hobnob! There's something very appealing to me in the description "steampunk fairy tales, for teens" I went to look in your library, but I only found one book by you, and it was historical fiction, and one by an Andy Felt that said it was also by you in the publication info. Edited because I posted about author page problems that apparently disappeared while I was writing about them. I will click around some more just in case, but it was probably just a caching issue.

Re-edited because I figured out what happened. Your copy of Syncopation in your personal library has your name spelled wrong. This has created an otherwise empty author page for the wrong spelling that I got to by checking out your book when looking to see what you have in your library. We have a grand total of one book in common, BTW.

The easiest way to fix this is to edit your listing of the book to fix the spelling error. The complicated way to fix it, is to combine both spellings of your name together. This is occasionally advised on the basis that if one person can make a particular spelling error, lots of people can. But if it was me and er, I actually did do the same thing myself once , if my copy of the book is the only one with the typo I'd just fix the typo.

If it turns out that a bunch of people have the same typo if the origin of the typo was from your amazon listing, for example then you probably really do want to go the complicated route. Hey gang. I recently signed up to LT, still trying to find my way 'round this maze. I mainly write crime fiction under the ridiculous pen name of Verge Le Noir. So far I've written two collections of short stories and a short novel. I live in Brooklyn, New York. I like long walks on short piers hence the reason why I'm a writer Marriage proposals are always welcome.

Hi there Verge, welcome to Hobnob! I try when I welcome the newcomers to give them an excuse to chat a little, but since I've never been to Brooklyn, am already married, and don't have a single book in common with you, I'm at a bit of a loss. But doesn't taking a long walk on a short get your clothes wet? I've published two book, one of which is a memoir and the other a Christian book for women.

I live in a small town on the outskirt of London in the UK; a mother of two boys and having recently left my career as an Accountant, I'm concentrating on my writing as well as enjoying reading non-fiction and biographies whilst having opportunities for long walks. When not working, I enjoy travelling, trying new delicacies and chilling with the family! Website: www. Kind regards Jumoke. The rest of books are non-fiction. I am a self-published author and have written 5 books so far.

Kind Regards, Aditi Agarwal. I also plan to venture into paranormal stories this fall. I am just beginning to learn all that Library Thing has to offer! Hello, I'm Mariachiara Cabrini, and I am an italian writer of romance and paranormal novels. I have written my first novel in english and rying to know some american readers because I don't have a fan base outside of Italy.

My books are strange, atipical romance. Simple, but always a mix of genres. Romantic, but also with a mystery to solve, ironic, and I call myself an adventurer. My books are about adventure -- past, present, and future, although I also wrote several now out-of-print books about diving I guess that's adventure , and a popular current events book. I transitioned from traditional commercial publishers to setting up my own publishing company Starman Press , and producing and marketing my books -- I reap all the profit this way.

I will try to be as responsive as possible. I've always loved reading shorts and after awhile, it just seemed the right direction to try publishing a few of my own. Like most authorsI love to read and can't seem to get enough of fantasy, mystery, or paranormal.

Monthly Bibliography

I remember reading a collection of short stories by Charlaine Harris based on her character Sookie Stackhouse, and I loved the way she wrote the characters and introduced fun tidbits of their personality. Often times, the stories were laced with humor and adventure in each shortened tale and reading the shorts would progress into me finding all the novels and digesting those as well. I live in a pretty small town and find myself walking to Java Jacks daily for my morning espresso.

The kids and I get a kick of visiting the bookstore beside my favorite coffee shop and the library across from it I think for me, being a mom of four and still finding time to do my passion has helped me feel alive again. I love my life I haven't been at writing for long but my stories can be found here: melindacraig. Hi, I'm Mary Lingerfelt and I write stories of all lengths, mostly Christian fiction, and primarily romance. I've been scribbling from my earliest childhood, and have been fortunate in that my life has given me a rich mine of people, places and things with which to populate books.

I grew up in the deep South, among a large and vivid extended family, and will probably be drawing on those early experiences the rest of my life. I love big old houses with wraparound porches, brisk tea, summer evenings, and a relaxed pace of life. I am mother to Pebbles the Mischievous, and a houseful of characters who talk to me at inappropriate times. I am an eclectic reader; I love humor, suspense, mysteries, Regency romance, thrillers, Gothic romance, biographies, and poetry.

I will someday travel to England to visit the Bird and Baby, and conjure the memory of Tolkien and Lewis; and to Jerusalem, on pilgrimage. I love travel generally, and take trips as often as I can. I draw, but am an awful painter; I love river rafting and kayaking; and I don't wear anything more formal than a tee and jeans unless I'm going to church, a wedding, or a funeral.

I am happy to be here. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. Hey y'all! Scott Baron here, and first I must say that despite my use of y'all, I am not a Southerner. My origins are actually from screenwriting, which I love, but which also doesn't pay any bills. The short story format is super enjoyable to me in that I can come up with an idea in the morning, outline it by afternoon, and have a 1st draft done by night.

Satisfying, to say the least. I've got a novel coming out in a few months, but for now all I have out are six collections of shorts. I've worked on everything from little commercials to gigantic action flicks. It's a fun job, but I enjoy writing far more. Currently I'm working with a writing partner to adapt a stage play into a screenplay for indie production. We shall see how that goes. And here are my LibraryThing, Amazon, and Goodreads pages, in case you're curious.

My name is Magali, and I write the darker side of stories. Paranormals, Dark Fantasies, and Thrillers, but there's always romance - I'm an extremist, and love both dark and cute things, so that's probably why. So basically, I'll rip your heart out along the way, but I'll make sure you don't throw the book against a wall when you finish it! All my stories are either set in Canada, or in alternate worlds makes sense since I am Canadian, right?

I was born and raised in Gatineau, Quebec, but in my heart, Ottawa, Ontario will always be my home. I currently live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I'm passionate about writing, reading, photo manipulation artwork, animals, and video games. I'm a proud Ravenclaw: I've always been sorted into this house, but the recent Pottermore sorting placed me in Gryffindor - I don't care since the Sorting Hat couldn't consider my choice, so I identify with Ravenclaw, and Ravenclaw is where I'll remain!

My stories often speak about poverty, abuse, trauma, but also love, friendships, and always has sex. My main characters are always female and are often on the curvy side or overweight. Each of them brings their own strengths into their story and will kick ass if need be or try tricking a demon to get out of a deal - not the smartest move, but you gotta give her credit for trying, right? I'm addicted to sugar though, favorite food is pizza! Also, proud Francophone! I am a freelance artist who offers many different art services, including book covers - you can check them out at my website.

I have two main hobbies: writing and creating photo manipulation artworks. I'm on Twitter a lot, so you can find me there stormowl7. Please include me. I have been introduced several years previously. Harold Titus -- Crossing the River -- historical fiction. I published my first book in May I write mostly non-fiction as to date but I have some fiction ideas floating around in this so-called brain of mine.

I have quite an imagination! I love to read and I wish I had more time to do so. I listen to audiobooks while driving and that is how I get my book-fix for the day. I am an independent contractor for covert investigations and I also have a store on eBay. I like to keep myself busy at all times. My favorite author is Paulo Coelho. I enjoy photography both in front and behind the camera painting, and living a healthy lifestyle.

I like learning something new each and every day. I love spending time with my family. I try to make every second special because I am making up for lost time. If you are a fan of Roberto Bolano, you will appreciate that Zabala and Bolano knew each other, in fact, on pages of The Savage Detectives, the characters Barbara Patterson and Rafael meet a writer known only as The Cuban. This is the only reference to the Cuban in the whole book. The diary excerpt gives a ten-page account of a two-day bender Zabala and Bolano went on in Caracas, Venezuela in I was sitting in one of two red leather chairs near the hotel entrance, with a potted fern on one side.

But he stopped as soon as he saw me and raised his hand as if to ask for silence. It was a bit dramatic. He just stood there for a while, his face submerged in the glare of a well-placed floor lamp, listening to some unseen music, and for a moment it was almost as if he had vanished.

All I could see where he stood was the pulsating aura of the lamp light, as if he had been absorbed into the light itself, beamed up into oblivion by an alien spacecraft. If you would like a free pdf of the book, send an email to publisher riverboatbooks. If you do download the free pdf, we ask only that you consider writing and posting a review of Zabala's book, and that you help us spread the word about this literary phenomenon.

I'm Anna Durand and I write romance novels, both hot paranormal and erotic contemporary. I have several series going at the moment, including Hot Scots and Undercover Elementals, two very different types of romances. Romance has always been my favorite genre to read, but it took me a long time to realize that all my favorite books -- even fantasy and thrillers -- include a strong romantic thread. That's what started me on my journey to becoming a published romance author. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where we grow a bumper crop of mosquitoes in the summer and snow in the winter.

Besides writing, I also run a business -- a cataloging services company catering to indie authors and publishers. My business has introduced me to other writers I might not have met otherwise, since they write in vastly different genres. My reading tastes are wide-ranging, everything from ancient history and science to the latest urban fantasy and romances. I look forward to chatting with everybody here on LibraryThing! Most folk believe that technology rules their lives. Dark conspiracies and ancient magic actually dominate this planet.

My name is Ken Magee and I tell people I write contemporary fantasies which blend adventure and humour with technology and magic. I would have finished it sooner, but life got in the way. Dark Tidings is the first book of the series. Hello everyone, I've been a member of LibraryThing for a long time, but never got around to introducing myself. I procrastinate Anyway, I've been writing for some time, started writing when I was 10 after reading my first sf novel, Time Traders by Andre Norton, a novel that still holds up as a young adult novel.

About myself, my name is Richard Bamberg. I write mainly science fiction thrillers and urban fantasy, why? Write what you like is my addition to the write what you know axiom. I'm an electrical engineer, by schooling, and a veteran of the USAF. I've used to work for Boeing, building the GMD system. I'm happily married with children and dote on our Old English Shepherd-Einstein my wife's naming. If you count that first novel, that went into the bottom drawer to remain until the end of time, I'm working on my 12th novel.

My first novels were published on audio by a small press called BooksinMotion. They're still around. After that, I had a couple of novels published by Invisible College Press which seems to have vanished from everywhere but their website. Now days, I self-publish, mainly because I like not having to answer to anyone but the readers about my work.

This year I've branched back into the audio book market that gave me my start. I've released two novels on Audible. I expect to have at least six of my novels recorded and available on Audible. That's my intro, feel free to check out my work and drop me a line if the feeling moves you. I can be reached here on you can drop me a message from my website.

Best wishes, Richard A. My name is William Kurth and that is also the name I write under. Recently discovered LibraryThing. I self-published my first novel, "The Metaverse" this last spring. Currently, I have two more in the series set to be released late summer Hi, I'm Denise Heinze.

I've written an eco-thriller and a ghost story because my real life is neither suspenseful nor spooky. Which is how I like it.

The Qwillery: DAC

Whatever I might be missing by way of stomach-churning drama I can enjoy vicariously through great books, my own imagination, and an occasional hot pepper. I've published quite a bit, ranging from scholarly works to flash fiction. I'm as proud of the book I wrote on Toni Morrison as I am the short short about two old ladies who've made a suicide pact. That's the beauty of being a writer, buzzing about gathering the nectar of human experience and endeavor with the hope of churning it all into honey. Hi all, and welcome, I have not managed to update the indices recently, sorry! I am starting a catch-up now Tim.

Sharlene27 JumokeA stormowl7 : If you wish to create links between your personal and the author pages you may go to the author page eg from the "touchstone list", or the index entries and then click on the "is this you? It's "American Odd" and it will look at idiosyncratic individuals, oddball visionaries, and strange institutions. I recently finished a science fiction thriller and I'm putting the finishing touches on it, preparing it for submission to literary agents and publishers. My Twitter handle is driftlessarearv. Suffice to say, my literary tastes are all over the place.

Hi, I'm Fiona J. Favorite authors include Rainbow Rowell , J. Vaughan and Shirley Jackson. I believe in equality, knowledge, communication, the exploration of the human heart, and the power of fiction to further all of these. I like stories that make me feel things. Well, things other than insulted, bored, or ironically amused.

Although I have a soft spot for a bit of the ironically amused category now and then too. I also write reviews on www. And I'm in the middle of edits for my fourth book, Protecting the Nanny, through Entangled Publishing. My favorite book to read this year was The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah. It was amazing! I also like reading anything by Nora Roberts and Karen Robards. I write a weekly blog that covers topics from my travels to book reviews to my writing process. Hopefully some of you will reply back. It's lonely when you're a beginner! Welcome all you newbies! I'm still finding my way around LT too.

As you say, Cathy, it's lonely when you first join a website and it's nice to make contact with a few people. Fiona - I think it's amazing that you have co-authored with your husband! What a great way to spend time together. I also have a website where I interview a different guest author each week. If anyone is interested in an interview you can contact me through the website at www. My name is Charles Porter.

I just joined this site and would like to participate in discussions if I can understand how. I have never been in any kind of forum. Thank you. Hello, my name is Clabe Polk. A life-long reader with a laundry-list of practical life experience, I love to promote reading and I'm looking forward to participating here. I've added your photo to your author page and created a Detective Mike Eiser series page. Have you requested LT Author status? It comes with a nifty yellow badge. Hello, everybody! My name is Alex L. Michaels and I am an author of contemporary romance A Drop of Paradise.

I am a reader and a writer, and books are something I can't live without. I can read almost anything, but my favorite genres are poetry and romance. Then general fictions, classics, historical novels, fantasy, philosophy, you name it Hello there. I've been on GR a good long while so it's a lot of work to bring my bookshelves here up to scratch.

I'm also less familiar with how things work here on LT. I'm also an author, of primarily Romantic Women's Fiction. I have two books out: Reconcilable Differences was published in August The Art of Enchantment came out in March It's first out in the Life is a Journey series, featuring young women abroad. I'm hoping to have it out this fall of My working title is Coming About, but I'm still searching for something better.

The Art of Enchantment won the Chanticleer Chatelaine grand prize for romance and women's fiction last year. admin