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In one iteration of her story, Carrie died as a result of injuries. In the second iteration, Carrie survived the Prom Night massacre and the trauma associated with it. She then made plans to move to Florida and start her life over with the help of Sue Snell who felt sorry for her.

In the third it is not clear and is left to the imagination. But regardless of the iteration, Carrie has been vilified by the surviving residents of Chamberlain, only because she chose to fight back against the constant and collective tormenting and bullying in a way that most people cannot understand or comprehend.

In the novel , Carrie White is described as being slightly unattractive, she is a "frog among swans". In appearance, Carrie is slightly overweight with pimples on her neck, on her back, and on her buttocks. She has blonde hair and very pale skin. In the first section of the story, Carrie had a greasy face with blackheads and wore stockings that were always run, running, or about to run and she was always showing sweat stains under the arms of her blouses.

Carrie is especially unattractive because of her mother's control over her.

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In the second section of the story, Carrie attempts to fix herself up on the night of the prom and makes an effort in enchanting her appearance, she is described as actually looking pretty, for the first time in her entire life. Carrie lived in the very small and peaceful town of Chamberlain, Maine , with her severely mentally unstable mother who had cut her daughter off from all social life due to her religious beliefs.

But they never found any other church in the area that was up to their traditional standards, so they held worship at home instead. When Ralph passed away, her mother survived off the money from the insurance and by working at the local laundry. At school, Carrie was made fun of by her peers and classmates into submission on a daily basis. At home, Carrie's life was just as awful. Behind closed doors, Carrie was beaten by her mother into submission on a daily basis and regularly slapped Carrie in the face and grabbed, dragged, violently shoved, and locked into a prayer closet by her mother.

Especially on the day she came home after the shower incident, with the implication that this was one out of many instances, Carrie was forced into the closet.

Interview with 'Behind Closed Doors' author B.A. Paris

Also in the novel, Carrie is sometimes locked in the closet by her mother for days on end without food, water, or even bathroom breaks. Carrie is so controlled by her mother she is even forced to wear unbecoming and outdated clothes and forbidden to wear the color red, as Margaret believed that red was "the devil's color". It was usually triggered by her own inner frustration and private misery and would flare whenever she lost her temper. Carrie's demonic powers were strong even when she was a small child, and she was also able to read other people's minds and inner thoughts when they were close enough to her, namely Miss Desjardin , the gym teacher, who secretly harbored both disgust and pity for the young girl.

Miss Desjardin came out of her office to stop the commotion and to stop the hysterical Carrie from panicking, Miss Desjardin slapped her across the face which caused a light bulb above them to explode and a bucket of baseball bats to knock over all by itself. Miss Desjardin calmed Carrie down and reassured her everything was going to be okay and that she wasn't dying. Afterwards, she explained to Carrie what menstruation was and told her it was a natural part of womanhood.

More of Carrie's psychic abilities were demonstrated on that same day. The assistant principal Mr. Morton , who dismissed Carrie for the day, kept calling her "Cassie". Carrie yelled that it was not her name and his ashtray fell off his desk as if it moved by itself. Carrie looked at the boy with rage and he went flying off the bicycle as if an unseen force had pushed him; as he landed, he seriously hurt himself. This surprised both Tommy and Carrie, who walked away as if nothing had happened.

Later that day, after Margaret found out about the incident from the school, she cruelly punished Carrie. She beat Carrie with her Bible, forced her on her knees with her to pray and locked Carrie in the closet against her will for hours to ask God for "forgiveness" for having committed the "original sin" of becoming a woman due to showering naked with the other girls at school, which Margaret forbade. A few days later at school, when all the incident had died down, Carrie was unexpectedly approached by Tommy Ross , who asked her to go to the senior prom with him.

Tommy was a talented and handsome jock who, unlike most of the popular crowd, was an actually very nice and well-meaning teenager. Once, Tommy had even been approached by the Boston Red Sox team, who wanted to recruit him after he graduated. He also was the boyfriend of one of the popular girls who tormented Carrie earlier in the novel, Sue Snell. Sue felt guilty for her mistreatment towards Carrie and honestly wanted to make it up to her by becoming her friend, and decided to sacrifice herself from going to the prom and let Carrie take her potential prom date.

This was a very good thing because Carrie also had a secret crush on Tommy. Although originally skeptical at first and against the idea, Carrie's hesitation was quickly forgotten and she subsequently accepted Tommy's invitation because she just couldn't resist the offer at the chance to finally experience being treated as if she fit in, even if it was only for just one night.

Carrie was very nervous, excited and happy all at the same time and was determined to keep her promise to Tommy and go. But when Carrie told her mother about the prom offer, Margaret threw her tea in Carrie's face and ranted and raved. She told Carrie that the boys always come after the blood and that all boys want from girls is "sex"; how they like to take the virgins in their cars to do dirty, ungodly, and blasphemous things with them.

Margaret finally told Carrie that she would not allow her daughter to engage in such sinfulness after all she'd been taught. She then proceeded to slap Carrie across the face and ordered her to go in the closet to pray, but Carrie refused. As Margaret tried to hit Carrie again, Carrie stood up to her mother and stopped Margaret's hand in mid-air with her telekinesis, preventing the hand from reaching her face.

Carrie told her mother that she wanted to live her own life and that things were going to change and be different, and that she was going to the prom with or without Margaret's permission and that no one would stop her; the ultimate blasphemy to her. Arriving at Ewen High School's senior prom "The Spring Ball" escorted by Tommy, Carrie was dazzled by all the glamour surrounding her, and as the night progressed, Carrie's nerves began to fade and she felt comfortable while opening up to her peers and even made a few small jokes with some of the prom goers who finally treated her equally and with respect for once.

For the first time since she can remember, Carrie enjoyed herself and Tommy even became romantically attracted to Carrie in secret. These last thoughts made Carrie suddenly snap. She changed her mind, realizing that she had a special gift to use as a secret weapon. Her telekinesis would give her the ability to make her tormentors pay for what they had done. They were in the palm of her hand. They were under her thumb and in her power. In a cold rage, Carrie's mind finally snapped and she returned to the school barefoot and with a sadistic vengeance and a thirst for bloody revenge.

She saw how Tommy had fallen from the throne to the ground with people surrounding him and, as she stood safely outside the auditorium, she decided to give everyone a taste of their own medicine ten times fold. Carrie set about locking all the prom goers inside the gym, teachers and students alike by telekinetically sealing the gymnasium doors, slamming them shut all at once. Hearing this, many people inside panicked and that started a stampede. They rushed to the exits and tried to bang on the doors, hammering them, pounding on them to open them, but Carrie's powers were far too strong; they were trapped!

Carrie then peered into the windows and watched students faces smashed up against the glass like fish in an aquarium, seeing this made her laugh. Next, she looked up and turned on the sprinkler system to wet everyone and ruin their expensive tuxedos and gowns; the only regret she had was it was raining water and not blood. Suddenly, one of the band musicians on stage was severely electrocuted by the large amp that had gotten soaked from the water.

This made Carrie laugh again and she used her mind to break the backstage high-voltage power cables by picturing them in her head and threw them crackling on the wet stage, causing purple sparks to fly into the air. Two students on the platform were also Immediately electrocuted; the lead band member named Josie Vreck , one of the loudest ones who laughed at Carrie, began to convulse uncontrollably when he touched the microphone and volts of electricity violently shot through his body.

A girl named Rhonda Simard busted out in a crazed puppet dance when she accidentally stepped on one of the cables, causing her prom dress to catch fire and burst into flames, setting her entirely ablaze. Carrie then telekinetically used the cables like slithering snakes and flung them back and forth into the air, painfully whipping people, shocking them and breaking their skin. She then dropped them upon the wet ground below. When the cables writhed in the puddles of water, there was a violent flash, like lightning, and everyone was screaming all at once as they were killed.

Once the hot sparks from the cables caught onto the prom's backdrop mural, causing it to completely catch fire, the hot flames quickly spread throughout the entire gym. Carrie mercilessly left the remaining prom-goers trapped inside with the now-dead Tommy to be consumed by the hellish inferno created by her telekinetic abilities; the rest was history.

However, before moving completely on, the town emergency whistle went off and startled her. As a result, Carrie's mind's eye lost sight of the gymnasium doors for a second and some of the prom goers almost got out. But Carrie used her power and slammed them shut again, catching somebody's fingers—to her, it felt like Dale Norbert in the jamb—severing one of them. Despite Carrie's hostile revenge, a few lucky students and Miss Desjardin were smart enough to escape via fire exit down the auditorium's corridor in the hallway next to the gym.

It was the one and only exit that Carrie forgot to seal. The survivors got out just in time before being electrocuted and burned to death with everyone else still inside. When Carrie left the campus to return to her home, she made sure no one could put out her fire or tame her flames as she opened all the fire hydrants near the area to prevent the fire trucks from helping or saving anyone stuck inside.

Eventually, the gym exploded a half-hour later, demolishing the entire school. Carrie's extremely powerful telekinetic abilities initiated a highly destructive rampage, causing much worse disasters in downtown Chamberlain than at the high school. As Carrie walked home barefoot, she left a path of destruction and death in her wake: she "flexed" her mind as hard as she could and made local gas mains at numerous corner stations explode, and let the broken pumps leak the spilled gasoline into the roads.

While a male bystander is walking nearby, he carelessly drops his lighted cigarette on the ground, not realizing the streets are covered in gas. This caused more explosions which destroyed and demolished the town shops and local businesses. Carrie also used her powers to cause several fire hydrants to explode, flooding the streets.

Carrie then brought down the power lines, and when the snapped power wires hit the water and gas-soaked pavement, it ignited several wildfires that burned down the majority of the town's neighborhoods. Countless of bystanders were killed in the streets and electrocuted by the wires of the fallen power lines as they evacuated from their burning homes. By this point, the entire heart of Chamberlain was up in flames, taking literally hundreds of lives with it. Also, most importantly, Carrie let loose a strange side effect of her abilities: "broadcast telepathy," which means that anyone within a certain radius of the disaster area suddenly found themselves learning about the destruction at Ewen High and downtown Chamberlain.

During the entire event, Carrie seemed completely catatonic and was believed to even be smiling as she moved along. She then went into a church to pray, while at the same time, objects from the church such as pews, hymnals, and a communion set were thrown.

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Carrie finally made it back home. With her telekinesis, she made the front door swing wide open and she destroyed all the items in the house as she entered the doorway. Clocks, dishes, plates, pictures, and other religious objects where tossed and thrown into the air, breaking and shattering as they fell to the floor. Carrie, still covered in blood, much of it being her own by now, and one of her bare feet was bleeding from stepping on a broken bottle in the streets, had the intention of finally killing her mother who had been waiting for her daughter to return to her.

Due to seeing that orange haze in the sky from the flames burning all throughout the town, Margaret had come to believe the Devil had truly come to Chamberlain to collect Carrie's soul. The only way Margaret could save her condemned daughter was to kill her before the Devil did. As Carrie approached her mother, bloody and dirty, Margaret sat before Carrie and then told her about her miscarriage and the true story of how she considered killing herself after having premarital intercourse with Ralph. She also confessed that Carrie was conceived by marital rape and that she was a punishment from God.

Margaret, thinking that Carrie was possessed by the Devil himself, carefully took out Ralph's old kitchen butcher knife from the folds of her dress so Carrie couldn't see. She told Carrie that she had tried to kill her twice before during the first few years of Carrie's life, but she "backslid". As Carrie fell down to her knees to weep and pray with her mother, Margaret stabbed her daughter in the shoulder; the blade went all the way into Carrie's shoulder with only the handle visible.

Margaret had hit an artery, causing Carrie much pain as she began to bleed heavily. Angry by her mother's actions, Carrie decided it was time to teach her mother a lesson too. So in return, Carrie used her powers to slow her mother's heart down, painfully and very slowly, until eventually stopping it completely and killing her by giving her a heart attack.

With Margaret dead, Carrie then left her home as the whole neighborhood street was on fire, consuming all the houses on the block one after the other. And sure enough, the wildfire eventually reached the Whites' bungalow and nearly burned it completely down as well. Carrie, with the butcher knife still stuck deep in her shoulder to the hilt, wandered aimlessly until she approached The Cavalier roadhouse, where her father drunk himself into a stupor before raping Margaret.

It was amazing how she kept going, despite her wounds, but she still had one more last thing to do to complete her final destruction. Carrie arrived just in time to catch Chris and Billy fleeing the establishment after making love inside. Here, Carrie could feel them, almost taste them with her telepathy. She faced the two who she needed to finally kill most of all before the night was over, before she was completely finished with her rampage of revenge. The Black Prom tragedy hits the nation bigger than the J. Carrie's story becomes a controversial and highly discussed subject.

An autopsy is performed on Carrie's body. The coroner's report lists Carrie's brain has a different cell pattern compared to other brains. Scientists begin to take the concept of telekinesis more seriously. People all over the world are also scared that another telekinetic child could be born. Miss Desjardin, one of the few lucky survivors, resigns due to her guilt for not reaching out to Carrie, for not preventing what happened on prom night and secretly for having approved the evil prank in the end, even stating that she would rather commit suicide than teach again.

Principal Henry Grayle also resigns for not preventing more from what happened. Meanwhile, the authorities and skeptics are investigating and trying to figure out what exactly happened in Chamberlain, Maine, that caused people to die. Sue goes on to write a memoir about her involvement with Carrie White. She warns her readers to never forget about Carrie, or the events that occurred in Chamberlain, or something like it could happen all over again.

Carrie's body was finally buried next to her mother's in a graveyard somewhere in Maine. Carrie's headstone also makes a cameo appearance in the novel of IT , which also takes place in Maine. The novel closes with a letter written by a hillbilly woman in Tennessee whose baby daughter is developing incredibly strong advanced telekinetic abilities as well. This may be hinting that Carrie's soul has been passed on to a happy family, something she always wanted.

The film of Carrie starred Sissy Spacek. Here, Carrie had long strawberry blonde hair, clear skin and the plot of the film was close to that of the novel , but certain differences did occur. Carrie was raised isolated from society by her single mother after her father Ralph White left them for another woman. One day after P. Unaware of this, Carrie believed she was bleeding to death and asked for help from the other girls. Carrie was, however, mocked by Chris Hargensen , Norma Watson and Sue Snell as they threw tampons all over her, ignoring her desperation.

Miss Collins arrived and stopped them, expelling the girls from the locker room. As Carrie screamed uncontrollably, the lamp above them exploded, much for Chris and Norma's thrill.

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Miss Collins was forced to slap her on the face and apologized, comforting her. After Carrie took a shower, she was taken by Miss Collins to the principal's office and the incident spread around, some kids mocking her as she waited to be called in. Angered, Carrie caused his ashtray to fall down and be knocked out by Carrie, after the principal kept calling her "Cassie". Miss Collins suggested that it would be better for her to walk home.

As Carrie went, a neighbourhood boy cycled across her yelling "Creepy Carrie", and was telekinetically knocked down by Carrie. Carrie arrived home and found out that Margaret had been informed of the incident. Carrie questioned why she was not told by Carrie who called or was telling the girls laughed at her over her ignorance. Ignoring her sorrow, a cold-hearted Margaret simply forced Carrie to pray, because she is still a girl who, according to her twisted beliefs, was susceptible to temptation.

Carrie was dragged inside their narrow closet where she was locked in and forced to pray, which she did, after all. Finished, Carrie thanked her mother and went upstairs. In her bedroom, Carrie angrily caused her mirror to shatter, and managed to rebuilt it before her mother could come in. The other day, Carrie saw from af ar Miss Collins comfronting the girls over the incident in the shower.

As Mr. Fromm read a poem written by the popular student Tommy Ross , and sarcastically expressed his distaste for it, Carrie shyly commented that she thought Tommy's writing was "beautiful". Carrie went to the library to search about "miracles" and was led to better understatement of her gift. As she researched, Carrie was approached by Tommy and was asked to the Prom. Scared, Carrie simply ran away from him. Miss Collins later found Carrie alone and talked to her.

Carrie revealed she was asked to the prom by Tommy, and her suspicions that "they" were plannig to humilate her once again. Miss Collins, though worried, encouraged the girl by emphasizing how pretty she actually looked. Tommy visited Carrie, once again insisting in taking her to the ball. Afraid that her mother would come and caught him at their door, Carrie accepted at last.

Carrie then told Margaret about Tommy and the Prom, and remarked that he was a good boy. Margaret reacted by throwing tea on Carrie's face, and tried to force her into prayers in the closet once again, because boys always came after "the blood". Carrie, however, refused and, as her powers caused their windows to beat, was called a "witch" by a horrified Margaret. Carrie explained that she was actually born gifted with telekinesis. Margaret mentioned that her father was taken by sin, and Carrie remarked that he had fled with another woman , something everybody around them knew.

Carrie insisted she would go to the Prom, and that things were about to change for them. A seamstress, Carrie made herself a dress for the night. At Prom night, Margaret approached Carrie, stating that she knew Carrie would wear "red", while her dress was actually pink. Margaret insisted for Carrie to stay and they could burn their dress, because her classmates would laugh at her.

As Tommy arrived, Carrie mentally telekinetically pushed her mother onto the bed to contain her, and left after saying she loved her. At the gym, Carrie was well received by Frieda Jason , who complimented her dress, while Norma and Freddy DeLois mocked her and the others noticed how different she looked. Tommy invited Carrie for a dance, which she initially declined. Miss Collins later approached them and complimented Carrie, telling her about an awful, but "magical" experience in her teenagehood, at the night of her Prom.

Carrie then agreed into dancing with Tommy, On the spur of the moment, Carrie had her first kiss with him. Carrie then questioned why she was there, and was told that it was because she liked his poem. When Carrie received the ballots for King and Queen, she noticed that they were there as candidates. Reluctant to vote for themselves, Tommy persuaded her to do so. Much for her rejoice, the couple was elected King and Queen of the Prom. Carrie went to the stage and was coronated in tears, and noticed as Sue appeared and was expelled from the gym by Miss Collins.

Carrie's pleasure came to an end when a bucket of blood was spilled on her, much to her horror. Tommy was hit on the head by the bucket above them and fell unconscious.

With her boyfriend in front of her soccer teams as an

Carrie then remembered her mother's omenous words that she would be scorned once again, Miss Collin's kind words of confidence and the incident in the shower as, in her mind, everyone at the gym laughed at her. Enraged, Carrie cused her powers to close the every door of the gym, locking everyone in, and turned the lights red. Focusing on the fire hose, Carrie opened it, washing Norma and everyone away from the door, creating a turmoil in the gym.

With the water from the firehose, Carrie knocked Norma down and electrified Mr. Fromm and the principal. Collins got lost among the turmoil and called for Carrie, the girl, possessed by rage, caused the basketball backboard to fell on Miss Collins, killing her. Carrie left as Mr. Fromm burned to his death, which set the gym on fire. As she walked home, Chris attempted to run her down with her car, but Carrie attacked her, causing the car to keel over and explode, killing Chris and Billy Nolan.

Carrie arrived home and found the rooms filled with lighted candles and, washing the blood away, bursted in tears. Margaret then appeared to seemingly comfort Carrie, telling her daughter that she was conceived after Ralph got drunk and they made love, which Margaret regreted. Margaret invited Carrie into one last prayer, and as the girl recited the Lord's prayer, comforted in her arms, Margaret stabbed her in the back.

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Carrie rolled downstairs, unable to stand up and run, as her insane mother approached her, ready to kill "the demon". Carrie then threw the kitchen's knives onto her mother, stabbing her pinned to the walls. Carrie witnessed as Margaret agonized to her death, and screamed in terror over her loss. Carrie's powers than manifested on the loose, bring the house down over her. Carrie rushed to her closet carrying her mother and stayed there as the house came down, dying. Carrie killed 73 people at the night of the Prom , and the incident became some kind of "Urban Legend" in the town.

Carrie's father Ralph , had another daughter named Rachel Lang , who was also a carrier of telekinesis. Carrie reappears in the sequel , but only in flashbacks through a now middle-aged Sue Snell's memories about what happened regarding the events, which later lead to The Black Prom. We learn that Sue had a mental breakdown and was put into a mental hospital due to the guilt of what happened to Carrie, Tommy Ross and all the other students she knew back in As a result she eventually became a school counselor to help teens at a local high school.

We also recognize, that the town of Chamberlain has changed because of Carrie's rampage. After the death of 73 high school students in , many people since then have left the town. The original high school is left abandoned and lies in ruins and has not been rebuilt. It has become a sick and twisted memorial of that doomed night, and a painful reminder to the community of what happened in their town all those years ago.

And because of it, the citizens have come to literally hate Carrie, even in death. And as a result Carrie has become somewhat of an "urban legend" even though the telekinesis part of the story is not taken too seriously, and looked at as a "suicide-revenge" type thing. This tragic event later lead to The Black Party. The younger Carrie was played by Jodelle Ferland who causes a rain of fiery stones to fall out the sky like in the novel. This version of the character in general was more similar to the novel than Sissy Spacek's portrayal. Throughout much of the movie, there were segments where different characters gave their accounts of the Ewen High prom night incident.

Also, the "downtown destruction" segment, as portrayed in the novel, which was left out from the movie because of budget constraints occurred here. It also shows that Carrie was not consciously aware of what she was doing, because the prank and the subsequent laughter had put her in a temporary, catatonic state of mind where her inner rage took over and unleashed her secret powers which led to the subconscious activation of her prom rampage and the tragic destruction of the town. However, when she returns home, she regains her consciousness in the bathtub shortly before her mother tried to drown her when she subconsciously took a bath to wash all the pig's blood off of her dress and her entire body.

There her own mother accused her of being a witch and tried to drown her. In self-defense, Carrie used her telekinesis to stop her by stopping her heart like in the novel. However, she also entered a comatose state because of the murder attempt of her mother on her. In the aftermath of this version, Carrie did not die, because Sue later came to her place and managed to revive her by performing CPR. She survived her post-prom ordeal with the help of Sue, hid in the ruins of the school and later escaped with Sue to Florida who drove her only half way.

Carrie later went on to help other teens with their telekinesis in a hidden manner. Carrie in this version is more similar to the book, but in modern terms. At the beginning of the film, Carrie has her first period in the showers and is harassed by Chris and her gang. Desjardin tries to calm Carrie down and a light fixture breaks by itself. Carrie is picked up by her mother Margaret and at home dragged into the closet to pray.

She screams at her mother and the closet door cracks. Both are shocked. Carrie then falls asleep in the closet shortly afterward. Her mother lets her out and asks Carrie if she finished praying. Carrie says yes and her mother kisses her on the forehead, telling her she loves her. At school, Carrie suspects that she has telekinesis. She then begins to study everything she can about her power.

While practicing at home, the lights flicker and her mother comes up with a knife to check if she is all right. She lies down on the bed with her. Carrie makes the knife fly off the desk onto the ground, without her mother noticing. She is asked to the prom by Tommy, but thinks it is a trick and is confronted again while walking home. This time she accepts. Now she. Carrie reveals her power to her mother by lifting up all the furniture and her mother off the floor.

She demands that she is going and wants to be normal. Carrie sews her own dress and buys makeup, and on prom night, her mother tries to convince her that it is a trick and threatens to tell Tommy the truth. She telekinetically pushes her mother into the closet and locks the door. She leaves with Tommy and arrives at the prom. There she meets Tommy's friend George and his girlfriend Erika.

Carrie is uneasy around them at first but laughs with Erika at their dates goofing off. She laughs when Erika says if they kill each other, she'll just dance with Carrie. When the four sit at their table, Carrie is surprised to see her and Tommy's names on the ballot. When Tommy asks her if they want to vote for themselves, Carrie is unimpressed. George and Erika leave the two to dance and while Tommy wants to follow them, Carrie is scared to be in the center of attention. Tommy tells her, he wants at least one dance with her.

Carrie gives in and dances with him. She feels amazing, as if her whole life has led to this moment. Later, she and Tommy win the election and Carrie is handed flowers while George and Erika cheer them on. While on stage, Chris drenches Carrie in pig's blood. Carrie is shocked and stares at Tommy in disbelief. She uses her powers to push Ms. Desjardin away, shocking and scaring George and Erika. Carrie attempts to walk off the stage. However after seeing Tommy die, she runs back to him and mourns his death. Carrie along with George, Erika and Ms.

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Desjardin is saddened by this. However after Chris's video of her having her period appears on screen, Carrie realizes she has been made a fool of and reaches her final breaking point. She unleashes her power on everyone by locking the doors and causing objects such as tables and chairs to fly around the room, killing several people.

Sue witnesses this from outside. A fire starts and the school burns down. Many perish in the fire except Ms. Desjardin and Carrie leaves, leaving a massive trail of destruction and flames while she walks home. Eventually, she comes across Chris and Billy who attempt to kill her by running her over, but she uses her power to stop the car and in the process kills Billy, then sends the car flying into the gas station, killing Chris in the process.

It then blows up. Carrie returns home where she finds that her mother has escaped the closet and has gotten hold of a kitchen knife. She strips off her bloody clothes and takes a bath, washing off the blood. She changes into her pajamas and meets her mother in the upstairs hall. Her mother tells her of the night she was raped and therefore conceived her.

Margaret stabs Carrie in the back, but they fly in opposite directions. Carrie then falls down the stairs and brutally hits the wall, leaving a blood stain. Her mother manages to slash her arm in the process. She kills her mother by impaling her with the household objects. After cradling her mother to death, Carrie realizes what she has done and makes stones begin to rain from the sky.

Sue appears shortly afterwards, but is held in the grasp of Carrie. After scanning Sue's brain, she realizes that she had nothing to do with the prank. Uploaded By amethysyj. One woman notes that her relationship with her boyfriend is seen by others as a positive example because it is long-term. A woman who is a practicing heterosexist attempts to connect with teenage females with discussions about who the cutest guy was. Harold describes his difficulties with penetration, and reports that his partner appeared to enjoy it when he tried using his tongue.

He explains that until recently he had never performed cunnilingus. The friend in the video on aging, advises Harold that anything done behind closed doors that you enjoy is normal. His views on marriage are unusual in that he challenges romantic notions of marriage and acknowledges the work involved in maintaining relationships.

Sexuality Over the Life Span: Keeping Your Mate Chapter 10 The researchers in the clip study the couple using biological measures and coding of their behaviors, emotions, and words while interacting. It is clear in the clip that the couple has a problem with trust. The researcher equates the expression of contempt with emotional violence. The researchers offer a piece of advice to Janice and Charles, the couple, that is probably sound for most couples, which is to work on their friendship. Communicating About Sex Chapter 11 The man in the clip notes that masturbation was primarily for release when he was a teen.

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