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In a sense, they gave it a beginning and an end and asked it to tell a story.

Co-write some poetry with Google AI

What came out was… a little strange. Take a look:. The team has stated that this is still early work in what will be a long and ongoing process to make their software able to interact with users in a way that embodies all the fluidity and complexity of natural speech. Let us know your opinion in the comments below! Next: New AI chip could bring artificial intelligence to your smartphone. John Dye. The algorithm expands your word into an original two-line poem, based on the nineteenth century works it studied. The lines of poetry are then combined "to form an ever-evolving, collective poem," Devlin wrote.

Angela has been a PCMag reporter since January Prior to joining the team, she worked as a reporter for SC Magazine, covering everything related to hackers and computer security. See Full Bio. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Englyn Byr Cwca Poems Like the englyn cyrch, the englyn byr cwca is a Welsh form that uses both end and internal rhymes.

But there are quite a few differences beyond this. It has the following guidelines: - poem comprised of tercets from one tercet to infinity or 3-line stanzas - first line has 7 syllables, second has 10, and third has 6 - lines 1 and 3 end rhyme with each other - line 2 rhymes with a syllable somew The four — sadly for the long-suffering Sara — never formed a quartet of equal minds. It was the glittering trinity of himself and the two Wordsworth siblings that Coleridge surely had in mind when he wrote about three people but one soul. So scholarship asserts, but even the best of literary scholars can stray into wishful thinking.

What Coleridge had actually written — as Adam Nicolson demonstrates in this spellbinding recreation of the mak Financial Times Last month. You can have these unlocked pieces delivered straight to your inbox every Sunday by signing up for the Redux newsletter. Walter Mosley. Simon was honored by the Poetry Society of America and celebrated by reading a couple of poems and singing a few songs. Simon is regarded as among the first composers to bring a consciously literary sensibility to rock music.

The singer-songwriter's latest honor came from the Poetry Society of America, which celebrated him Tuesday during a dinner benefit at the New York Botanical Garden.

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Simon and longtime poetry editor Alice Quinn were the guests of honor, their careers both lasting for decades and making them revered names among lovers of words. Quinn has championed Sharon Olds, Edward Hirsch and countless other poets as an adjunct professor at Columbia University, the poetry editor at The New Yorker from to Researchers teach AI to write haikus Our future robot overlords might be a pretty artistic bunch if recent research is any indication.

Scientists have recruited AI to craft semi-coherent piano melodies and accompanying lyrics and to create snippets of pithy not to mention human-like prose. VentureBeat Last month. What Makes a Poet Difficult? Benjamin Haydon, Wordsworth on Helvellyn, , oil on canvas. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

- It's... different

The idea that new poems should be harder to read than prose, that serious poems pose a challenge to most readers, may seem like it began in the twentieth century, with the writers called high Modernists Eliot, Ezra Pound, Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein who really did distance themselves from prose sense in new ways. Here Keats criticises the way in which natural philosophy — the name for natural science prior to the midth century — removes the magic from a world that is more accurately captured in poetry.

Was he right?

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In my new book, I investigated the way in which poetry has influenced the lives and works of pioneering scientists. In doing s This week, we look at the casbairdne, an Irish quatrain form.

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Casbairdne Poems The casbairdne is an Irish quatrain or 4-line stanza form that is packed full of poetic intrigue. Here are the basic guidelines: - 4 lines per stanza - 7 syllables per line with a trisyllabic ending—which may mean a word or phrase - lines 2 and 4 end rhyme - every couplet within each quatrain features at least 2 internal cross-rhymes - all lines share the same end consonant sounds - final syllable of line 4 alliterates with stressed syllable precedin Eric Fretz favored us with a high-sounding stanza that demonstrated the power of syntax independent of sense: When in the Courtyard of Humane Evictions it becomes negligent for one The American Scholar Last month.

For the autograph-seeking black kids in this poem, life is still a line drive, and all ball players are created equal; ninth-inning defeats and freedom riders are yet to come.

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Their mothers, knowing better, offer what haven they can — and tuck a note of caution into their stories of uplift. The Boys of Summer By E.

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Ethelbert Miller Carlton, Patrick and I are waiting for autographs ou The Books Briefing: Social Media for Bibliophiles Social media is probably not the first medium most bibliophiles think of when they consider their favorite ways to read literature. The digital-literary debate usually surrounds the virtues of light-in-weight-but-not-choices e-readers versus the meditative pleasures of holding a physical book. When it comes to platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, readers might be skeptical of how services best known for viral memes, influencer culture, and nasty online feuds can also be home to poetry, short stories, and diaristic entries worthy of literary and cultural analysis.

The Atlantic Last month. In many of these places, the show is dubbed in local languages for non-English speaking viewers. In India, too, several vloggers helped locals understand the show by explaining or reviewing each episode in Hindi. Now, Rekhta Foundation, a non-profit that works for the preservation and promotion of Urdu language, literature, and culture, has linked GoT with Urdu poetry. In an Instagram series, Rekhta has posted photos from some of the key scenes of the final season of GoT, Quartz May Tom Wolfe vs.

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  7. John Updike, Norman Mailer and John Irving — and other timeless literary feuds A treasure trove of compelling facts, riveting anecdotes, and extraordinary characters, "For the Love of Books" is a book about books—and the inside stories about the people who write them. Writers are a competitive bunch. They jealously monitor the success of their rivals and darkly catalogue their own all-too-public failures.

    Sensitive to any criticism or slur, real or imagined, they respond with the weapons closest to hand: words. Over the years this has sparked some lively literary feuds.

    Lord Byron vs. John Keats Socially they were poles apart. Salon Last month. This week, we look at the waka, a Japanese 5-liner. Waka Poems The waka is a Japanese 5-line poem or stanza that is often considered synonymous with the tanka, because both have a syllable per line structure. However, the waka groups its lines together in a particular way. The first 2 lines should make up one piece, the next 2 lines should make the next, and then, the final line can stand on its own—or as part of the second group. But other forms of punctuation can do th The Daily Beast Last month.

    This column has run weekly for over a year, and now, our dear and busy poets must slow it down to once a month. This month, Claire Schwartz is on the line. Poet Laureate. She is the first indigenous woman to hold the title, succeeding Tracy K. The news was confirmed today by Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden.

    After reading thousands of romance books, Google’s AI is writing eerie post-modern poetry

    She will begin her post in the fall. Vogue Last month. Or it runs through the hothouse incubators of Ivy League graduate programs. The golden path for a writer isn't usually laid out before the eldest daughter of an Arkansas Delta rice farmer. Writers don't generally emerge out of a domestic life on a farm dominated by the daily tasks of raising children and keeping house. The rise of Jo McDougall, the current poet laureate of Arkansas, doesn't follow the typical trajectory from obscurity to recogni Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette May The endpapers of the final issue, bottom right, list the names of all 1, writers who were published in the magazine over the years. admin