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Solar Energy 58 , pp. Tripanagnostopoulos , M. Souliotis and Th. Yianoulis, S. Papaefthimiou, M. Souliotis, Th. Eames, B. Norton, Y. Renewable Energy 16 , pp Tripanagnostopoulos, M. Papaefthimiou and S. Solar energy 69 3 , pp. Tripanagnostopoulos, Th. Nousia, M. Souliotis and P. Tripanagnostopoulos and M. Souliotis and Y. Kalogirou, Y. Souliotis, R.

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Solar Energy 81 5 , pp. Tonui and Y. Renewable Energy 32 4 , pp. Solar Energy 81 4 , pp. T ripanagnostopoulos. Solar Energy 81 9 , pp. Applied Thermal Engineering 27 , pp. Renewable Energy 33, 5 , pp. Solar Energy 82 1 , pp. Souliotis, S. Renewable Energy , 34, 5 , pp. Michalena, Y. Souliotis, P. Quinlan, Y. Smyth, A. Zacharopoulos, M. Ramirez, P. Solar Energy , 85, 10 , pp. Souliotis, D. Chemisana, Y. Caouris, Y. Renewable Energy 50 , pp.

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Nousia and M. Leftheriotis, Th. Nousia, S. Taylor, J. Bates, H. Bloem, C. Bucci, J. Campbell, N.

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Luling, Y. Souliotis and T. Tripanagnostopoulos, D. Tzavellas, I. Zoulia and M. Munich, Germany, Oct Hacker, J. Bates, U. Blieske, J. Bloem, J. Campbell, F. Ferrazza, P. Strachan, Y. Tripanagnstopoulos and M. Bazilian and I. Zoulia, R. Tselepis and Y. Tripanagnostopoulos and S. Kassel, Germany Sep Tripanagnostopoulos , D.


Patrikios and P. PV Solar Energy Conf. Paris 7 — 11 June Tripanagnostopoulos , S. Tselepis, M. Souliotis, J.

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Paris 7—11 June Experimental validation of an EnergyPlus model: Application of a multi-storey naturally ventilated double skin facade. Energy and Buildings Elsevier , Vol. Bianco, L. Cattarin, F. Causone, A. Kindinis, L. Pagliano Outdoor test cells for building envelope experimental characterization — a literature review, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 54 , , pp Adaptive glass panels using shape-memory alloys.

PV-PCM integration in glazed buildings. Solar Energy 11 , pp. Review of current status, requirements and opportunities for building performance simulation of adaptive facades. Journal of Building Performance Simulation. Optimal control and performance of photovoltachromic switchable glazing for building integration in temperate climates. Applied Energy , Volume , 15 Sept , pp — The effect of adhesive joints on the performance of hybrid steel-glass beams — An analytical and experimental study.

Phase change materials in glazing: implications on light distribution and visual comfort. Preliminary results. Energy Procedia, pp A comparative study on high-performance glazing for office buildings. Intelligent Buildings International , 9 4. An in-use assessment of an office building. Applied Mechanics and Materials vol. ISBN Schober, H. Struck, C. Seerig, A. Towards the application of thermoacoustic cooling in office buildings: performance governing parameters and models for performance predictions.

Vol 9. Aalborg, Denmark. Wellershoff, F. Experimental research of the thermal characteristics of a multi-storey naturally ventilated double skin facade. Energy and Buildings Elsevier , Evaluation of Adaptive Facades: AGC Building a case study of an automated glass facade, Interviews and process mapping of the design team. Adaptive Facades System Assessment: An initial review. Designing System — Design is Control of Control. Energy performance assessment of adaptive transparent building envelope through test-cells and in-field monitoring.

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Iennarella, S. Khandelwal, H. Electrically switchable polymer stabilized broadband infrared reflectors and their potential as smart windows for energy saving in buildings. Scientific Reports 5 Art Nr.

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Smart windows with dynamic spectral selectivity: a scoping study. December , , Hyderabad, India. Shear Adhesive Connections for Glass Structures. ISSN Switching from static to adaptable and dynamic building envelopes: A paradigm shift for the energy efficiency in buildings. In: Energy Forum , Bern, Switzerland. Graz, Austria, April. Serra, V. ENEA , Roma. Adaptive Facades Systems Assessment: An initial review. admin