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Also in microform: Olin Library Microprint 23 no. H52 a [Ann Arbor, MI: ]. D22 [Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo, ]. S [ ed. S81 [Springfield, Mass. Huntting Company, ]. Adventure with the Indians Vol. A Tale of Other Times In Western Herald and Steubenville Gazette , v. Philadelphia: Printed and published for the author by J. Maxwell, H94 [ Philadelphia ed. H94 M2 [ London ed. Uris Library E D64 [Albany, NY: J.

Munsell, ]. Dewey, ]. Olin Library other editions : E J49 S44 E J49 S44 a E J49 S44 Also available as an e-book via NetLibrary. T15 [ ed. P32 [ ed. P31 [Chicago, R. P31 a [Reproduction with imprint: Cincinnati, E. Flint, ]. M12 [ ed. P94 [ ed. S79 a [ ed. S84 [ ed. S79 [ ed. A Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. Horn and Her Two Children, with Mrs. Harris, by the Camanche Indians Also in: Comanche Bondage: Dr. Sarah Ann Horn. Also issued as: Tragedies of the Wilderness. Boston: Antiquarian bookstore and institute, D76 T7 [ ed. P96 [ ed. C53 K56 [ ed.

C53 K56 [Chicago: Fergus printing company, ]. J29 2 copies [Chicago: R. Donnelley, ]. J29 [Philadelphia: Lippincott, ]. Mann Library F J29 [New York: Citadel Press, c]. V65 A5 [ ed. Olin Library Film reel UV-1, no. No CUL Holdings. W5 A21 [ ed. Also on microfilm: Olin Library Film reel B-5, no. Boston, Congress Printing House, Revolutionary Incident, the Captivity of Capt. Jeremiah Snyder and Elias Snyder of Saugerties. In: Saugerties Telegraph , v. In: American Whig Review , v. Also available in print: Library Annexv.

A [reproduction from digital master]. Nashville, Tenn. Franklin, Tenn. No CUL holdings. Narrative of the sufferings of Mrs. Jane Adeline Wilson, during her captivity among the Camanche Indians. In The Hartford Courant. February 11, In: America's Own. O11 S91 E O11 S91 tiny.

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The Indian Captives. Olin Library Film reel M, no. Mary Nealy. Lost and Found in the Rocky Mountains. In The Western Monthly , Vol. Hartford, Conn. K29 [ ed. K29 [Chicago: Lakeside Press, ]. H68 [Glorieta, N. De Camp Sweet p. McClure p. Schwandt p. M66 C6 Vol. Captivity Among the Sioux, August 18 to September 26, In Buffalo Historical Society Publications, v. B9 B92 v. Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. Jane Frazier. Also available in print: Library Annex Q A Vol. Captivity of Jonathan Alder. David K. Contact Us.

Skip to main content. Publisher, Date. CUL Holdings see notes at bottom of page. Mary Rowlandson Joseph Rowlandson, husband to the said Mrs. Rowlandson, it being his last sermon. Mary White Rowlandson. R88 [ ed. Wau-bun: The "Early Day" in the North-west. John H. Increase Mather. To the Year Faithfully Composed and Improved. Cotton Mather. Boston in New-England: Printed by B. Green, and J. Jonathan Dickinson. Printed in Philadelphia: By Reinier Jansen, Available online through EEBO [ ed. A pastoral letter, of Mr.

John Williams, the faithful Pastor of Deerfield; now detain'd a captive in Canada; written to part of his flock, and some others, returning out of their captivity. The conduct and constancy of the New-English captives when strongly tempted unto the popish idolatries. And certain plain poems, written by some of them, to fortify their children against such temptations.

An account of most remarkable and memorable deliverances, received by many of the captives; and great things done by their Almighty Deliverer for them. Collected and published, that the glorious God may have the glory of his power and goodness; and that his people may reap some advantage from what has befallen their brethren. Boston: Printed by Bartholomew Green? Phillips N. Buttolph, and B. Booksellers in Boston, The Redeemed Captive, Returning to Zion. A faithful history of remarkable occurrences, in the captivity and deliverance, of Mr.

John Williams; Minister of the Gospel in Deerfield, who, in the desolation which befel that plantation, by an incursio of the French and Indians, was by them carried away, with his family, and his neighbourhood, unto Canada. Drawn up by himself. Whereto there is annexed a sermon preached by him, upon his return, at the lecture in Boston, December 5. On those words, Luk. Return to thine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee.

As also an appendix: containing an account of those taken captive at Deerfield, February Of those kill'd after they went out of town, those who returned, and of those still absent from their native country; of those who were slain at that time in or near the town; and of the mischief done by the enemy in Deerfield, from the beginning of its settlement to the death of the Rev. Williams, in With a conclusion to the whole by the Rev. Williams of Springfield, and the Rev. Prince of Boston. John Williams. Boston: Printed and sold by S. Kneeland, opposite the Probate-Office in Queen-Street, Setting forth the various remarkable occurrences, sore trials, and wonderful deliveranaces which befel them after their departure, to the time of their redemption.

Elizabeth Hanson. London: Printed and sold by Samuel Clark, Memoirs of Odd Adventures, Strange Deliverances, etc. John Gyles. G47 [] Also on microform: Olin Library Microprint 22 no. Together with an Account of Mr. How's Death at Canada. Nehemiah How. Boston: N. Printed and sold [by Samuel Kneeland and Timothy Green? The Redeemed Captive. Together with an Account, both Entertaining and Affecting, of what Mr.

Written by himself. John Norton. The History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Compiled from His Own Papers. Edward Kimber. Dublin: Printed by Richard James, Robert Eastburn. Philadelphia: Printed by William Dunlap, Gallic Perfidy: A Poem. John Maylem. William Fleming. Rogers, and a Party of French and Indians, in Jan. Thomas Brown. Briton Hammon. Jean Lowry. Abraham Urssenbacher. French and Indian cruelty; exemplified in the life and various vicissitudes of fortune, of Peter Williamson, a disbanded soldier.

Containing a particular account of the Comprehending in the whole, a summary of the transactions of the several provinces of Pensylvania Peter Williamson. York: Printed for the author, by N. And sold at his shops, John Thomson. A full and particular account, of the sufferings of William Gatenby; who is just arrived from America, with a true account of many circumstances relating to this unfortunate war, by which some hundreds of poor families are brought to utter ruin and destruction, to which himself and family have fallen victims.

He gives an account of being attacked by the Indians from the back settlements, who took his wife and child by force away, and killed his two slaves. How he and others pursued them, retook his wife and child, and killed three of the savages. William Gatenby. The Horrid Cruelty of the Indians.

Charles Saunders. Printed by T. Warren, Birmingham, Reading: Printed for the author: and sold at his house in Basingstoke, and at the Printing-office in Reading, Isaac Hollister. William Henry. Printed at Boston, Lawrence; Interspersed with a Description of the Coast, Gamaliel Smethurst. London: Printed for the author; and sold by J. Bew, and A. Grant, Alexander Kellet. Bath: printed by R. And sold by E. Dilly, London, John Dodge. Philadelphia: Printed by T. Bradford, at the Coffee-House, Crawford; and the Wonderful Escape of Dr.

Knight and John Slover from Captivity, in Hugh Henry Brackenridge. Moses Van Campen. Written by the Colonel Himself. Daniel Boon. Norwich [Conn. The Adventures of Col. Daniel Boon, The Minutes of the Piankashaw Council, John Filson. Wilmington: Printed by James Adams, William Walton. Philadelphie [i. Frances Scott. Boston: Printed by E. Russell, next Lib. Pole,, Abraham Panther. Windsor, Vt. John Marrant. Luke Swetland. Hartford: Printed for the author, ? Edward Merrifield. Scranton, Pa, Philip M'Donald. Printed in Bennington, Vt.

John Graham. Darlington, England: W. Appleton, printer, Being a Tour of Almost Fouteeen [sic] months. Alonso Decalves. Norwich, Conn. Jackson Johonnet. Printed at Boston, for Samuel Hall, no. The Returned Captive. A poem. Founded on a Late Fact. David Humphreys. Hartford: Printed by Hudson and Goodwin, Jemima Howe, of Hinsdale, in New-Hampshire. Taken from her own mouth, and written, by the Rev.

Bunker Gray. The History of Maria Kittle. Ann Eiza Bleecker. Hartford: Printed by Elisha Babcock, Boston, Mass. Edes and J. Gill, Olin Library Microprint 21 [No. Exeter, NH: Printed and sold by H. Ranlet, Exeter, Edited and with an introduction by Jack D.

K58 [ ed. James Derkinderen. Philadelphia: [s. Matthew Bunn. Providence: Printed [by Bennett Wheeler] for the author, and sold by him; also at Mr. Todd's book-store near the Baptist-Meeting-House, and at the printing-office in the market-house, William Scudder. Published According to Act of Congress. Susannah Willard Johnson. James Smith. A Short Sketch, of the Life of Mr.

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Nujiang Lanping Co. Pu'er Lancang Co. Mojiang Co. Ning'er Co. Zhenyuan Co. Qujing Fuyuan Co. Wenshan Funing Co. Guangnan Co. Qiubei Co. Xichou Co. Resource Geology 60, Resource Geology 57, Costa Rica. Geologica Acta, 9, , Czech Republic. Mineralien-Welt 6 1 , in German. Journal of Geosciences 62, Journal of GEOsciences, 62 1 , Unpublished MSc.

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Cold War Rivalry and the Perception of the American West

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Unger Sonder-Edition 61 - Western. Unger Sonder-Edition 55 - Western. Unger Sonder-Edition 15 - Western. Unger Sonder-Edition 41 - Western. Unger Sonder-Edition 63 - Western. Unger Sonder-Edition 37 - Western. Unger Sonder-Edition 32 - Western. Unger Sonder-Edition 89 - Western. admin