Faith and the Future of the Countryside

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  • Journey to Tri-Faith | Countryside Community Church.
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On June 29, , Countryside authorized the Church Council and its designees to undertake whatever additional steps are necessary to determine the potential costs and implications of relocating Countryside to the Tri-Faith Commons, as well as what resources are available to cover the costs. April 12, the church voted to relocate the church from 87 th and Pacific to the Tri-Faith Initiative area behind the Sterling Ridge development off nd and Pacific.

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On April 10, , Countryside launched its Relocation Campaign and shared design plans for the new building. Music and Arts Ministry Sermons. Get Connected! Journey Groups Spiritual Direction. Children's Ministry Youth Ministry Kindernook. Journey to Tri-Faith.

Faith and the Future of the Countryside

April On April 11, our bell found its home at the top of the bell tower at our new building. March On March 13, our bell was attached to the beams of the bell tower. June June 5 was a momentous occasion for our congregation, as members of the Countryside community broke ground on the future site of our home at Tri-Faith Commons.

April Our relocation campaign kicked off on April Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series.

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New Releases. Description Faith and the Future of the Countryside offers up to date resources for theological reflection, preaching and practical action in response to issues affecting rural congregations and whole communities in the 21st century. Arising out of a conference marking the 20th anniversary of the publication of the Archbishops' report, Faith in the Countryside, this forward looking volume focuses on sustainability - environmental, economic, communal and ecclesial.

Including contributions from practitioners in a variety of Christian denominations this is a resource book for clergy, church leaders and others in rural ministry to enable them to understand key issues in the context of mission and enable the church to respond to those issues through its prophetic voice and practical local actions.

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