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Raise serotonin levels with SSRIs, and the brain will prune some receptor sites, thinking in its wisdom, "Hey, I'm not supposed to feel good about the life I am living right now. You can only force yourself to abide in wrongness so long. When the soul's rebellion is suppressed too long, it can explode outward in bloody revolution. Significantly, all of the school shootings in the last decade have involved people on anti-depression medication. All of them! I am not using "jaw-dropping" as a figure of speech.

My jaw literally dropped open. Back in the s, dissidents in the Soviet Union were often hospitalized in mental institutions and given drugs similar to the ones used to treat depression today.

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The reasoning was that you had to be insane to be unhappy in the Socialist Workers' Utopia. When the people treating depression receive status and prestige from the very system that their patients are unhappy with, they are unlikely to affirm the basic validity of the patient's withdrawal from life. Unfortunately, "holistic" approaches are no different, as long as they deny the wisdom of the body's rebellion.

When they do seem to work, usually that is because they coincide with some other shift. When someone goes out and gets help, or makes a radical switch of modalities, it works as a ritual communication to the unconscious mind of a genuine life change. Rituals have the power to make conscious decisions real to the unconscious. They can be part of taking back one's power. I have met countless people of great compassion and sensitivity, people who would describe themselves as "conscious" or "spiritual", who have battled with CFS, depression, thyroid deficiency, and so on. These are people who have come to a transition point in their lives where they become physically incapable of living the old life in the old world.

That is because, in fact, the world presented to us as normal and acceptable is anything but. It is a monstrosity. Ours is a planet in pain. If you need me to convince you of that, if you are unaware of the destruction of forests, oceans, wetlands, cultures, soil, health, beauty, dignity, and spirit that underlies the System we live in, then I have nothing to say to you. I only am speaking to you if you do believe that there is something deeply wrong with the way we are living on this planet.

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A related syndrome comprises various "attention deficit" and anxiety "disorders" forgive me, I cannot write down these words without the ironic quotation marks which reflect an unconscious knowledge that something is wrong around here. Anxiety, like all emotions, has a proper function. Suppose you left a pot on the stove and you know you forgot something, you just can't remember what. You cannot rest at ease. Something is bothering you, something is wrong. Subliminally you smell smoke.

You obsess: did I leave the water running? Did I forget to pay the mortgage? The anxiety keeps you awake and alert; it doesn't let you rest; it keeps your mind churning, worrying.

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This is good. This is what saves your life. Eventually you realize — the house is on fire! So if you suffer from anxiety, maybe you don't have a "disorder" at all — maybe the house is on fire. Anxiety is simply the emotion corresponding to "Something is dangerously wrong and I don't know what it is. I disagree with that message. The problem is not with you. You have very good reason to be anxious. Anxiety keeps part of your attention away from your tasks of polishing the silverware as the house burns down, of playing the violin as the Titanic sinks.

Unfortunately, the wrongness you are tapping into might be beyond the cognizance of the psychiatrists who treat you, who then conclude that the problem must be your brain. We cannot admit, without calling into question the whole edifice of our school system, that it may be completely healthy for a ten-year-old boy to not sit still for six hours in a classroom learning about long division and Vasco de Gama.

Perhaps the current generation of children, that some call the Indigos, simply have a lower tolerance for school's agenda of conformity, obedience, external motivation, right-and-wrong answers, the quantification of performance, rules and bells, report cards and grades and your permanent record. So we try to enforce their attention with stimulants, and subdue their heroic intuitive rebellion against the spirit-wrecking machine. As I write about the "wrongness" against which we all rebel, I can hear some readers asking, "What about the metaphysical principle that it's 'all good'?

You only perceive it as wrong because of your limited human perspective. All of this is only here for our own development. War: it gives people wonderful opportunities to make heroic choices and burn off bad karma. Life is wonderful, Charles, why do you have to make it wrong? I am sorry, but usually such reasoning is just a sop to the conscience. If it is all good, then that is only because we perceive and experience it as terribly wrong.

The perception of iniquity moves us to right it. Nonetheless, it would be ignorant and fruitless to pass judgment upon those who do not see anything wrong, who, oblivious to the facts of destruction, think everything is basically fine. There is a natural awakening process, in which first we proceed full speed ahead participating in the world, believing in it, seeking to contribute to the Ascent of Humanity. Eventually, we encounter something that is undeniably wrong, perhaps a flagrant injustice or a serious health problem or a tragedy near at hand. Our first response is to think this is an isolated problem, remediable with some effort, within a system that is basically sound.

But when we try to fix it, we discover deeper and deeper levels of wrongness. The rot spreads; we see that no injustice, no horror can stand in isolation. We see that the disappeared dissidents in South America, the child laborers in Pakistan, the clearcut forests of the Amazon, are all intimately linked together in a grotesque tapestry that includes every aspect of modern life. We realize that the problems are too big to fix.

We are called to live in an entirely different way, starting with our most fundamental values and priorities. All of us go through this process, repeatedly, in various realms of our lives; all parts of the process are right and necessary. The phase of full participation is a growth phase in which we develop gifts that will be applied very differently later.

The phase of trying to fix, to endure, to soldier on with a life that isn't working is a maturation phase that develops qualities of patience and determination and strength. The phase of discovering the all-encompassing nature of the problem is usually a phase of despair, but it need not be. Properly, it is a phase of rest, of stillness, of withdrawal, of preparation for a push.

The push is a birth-push. Crises in our lives converge and propel us into a new life, a new being that we hardly imagine could exist, except that we'd heard rumors of it, echoes, and maybe even caught a glimpse of it here and there, been granted through grace a brief preview. If you are in the midst of this process, you need not suffer if you cooperate with it. I can offer you two things. First is self-trust. Trust your own urge to withdraw even when a million messages are telling you, "The world is fine, what's wrong with you?

Get with the program. Trust your idealism, buried in your eternal child's heart, that says that a far more beautiful world than this is possible. Trust your impatience that says "good enough" is not good enough. Do not label your noble refusal to participate as laziness and do not medicalize it as an illness. For anyone, expecting a surprise change, adaption, or some turn of the plot that would add credibility to the movie Maria starts her career and continues to be antisocial and self defeating.

She likes to sit alone in the cafeteria, and promptly get-up and leave if anyone would approach her or try to talk to her. When Geza, the Financial Manager come to her table she quickly broke her code of silence or cold passive aggressive monosyllabic style of communications, by rudely offending Geza with a reference to his crippled arm. Totally unprovoked. Geza, a fairly complex character with his own problems, did not leave the table; instead took-up the challenge to get to know and explore this strange, untamed woman.

Through a strange set of circumstances, both Maria and Geza find out that they have identical dreams, that they share. This is where the deer come into the picture, because that was what the two people are consistently dreaming about. A new hope raises for the puzzled spectator, that maybe the two humans will follow into the steps of the dear, and some true friendship, maybe love will ensue. Based on this only bond, while Maria is still morbidly shy, antisocial, deeply ignorant and inexperienced in the nature of human relations and without any progression in their intimacy, she somehow initiates the premature idea of sleeping together, so that they can share in the morning their dreams.

They starting doing that, in a highly uncomfortable and pitiful arrangement. She was sleeping in her bed and Geza on the floor, like a kid in a "slumber party". It is not clear why Geza, a man at least 30 years older than Maria and with a messed-up but experienced sexual life agreed to this strange arrangement. For sure some curiosity and expectation of something special. Nothing special happened and not even something ordinary , so Geza got tired of this experiment and called it quits. Maria took it very personally, to her "heart and soul", went home, broke the balcony window, took a sharp shard of glass and went to lie into the water filling bath tub.

She then cut her veins on both forearms. Then the phone rang, it was Geza. He wanted to see her.

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After lots of bleeding, Maria miraculously bandaged her arm only the left one is seen in the movie, the right one was left out or it miraculously healed itself. She took a break from suicide, went to Geza who made very impassionate love to her, careful not to touch her bandaged arm. The rest is left to the imagination of the viewer, if they cared to imagine anything. In summary: 1. A great, original and very promising idea, completely lost its impact because the way the movie was made.

The pace of the movie is excruciatingly slow, and there is little in the substance or plot development to justify the two hours lengths. Maria is a very average looking woman and does not exhibit any particular intellectual or personality attributes to make -up for it. Well, she has good memory, to be fair. Her attempted suicide appears hard to comprehend and it's almost gratuitous. No drama build-up at all in that non-existing relationship. Geza is a much older man, more fit for a counsellor or father figure, but none of that is in demand, either.

If Maria was a lonely poetess or artist of some kind, preferably in the last century, the movie would have worked much better.

Been So Long 2 (Body And Soul)

Let's get serious. Really poor casting. I would be very interested to hear the comments from the people who awarded the big prize at the Berlin Film Festival. Final Score: Deer in the winter forest: 1 Rest of the movie: 0. This is a beautiful love story about two shy, socially awkward people who meet while working in a beef slaughterhouse. They find out that each night they have the exact same dream about two deers finding each other in the woods.

I have a different take on the meaning of the title than other reviewers. I don't think one was the "body" and one was the "soul". I think it has to do with them finding their soul mates. They are the bodies who find each other. The deer represent their souls as in soul mates. That is why after an especially touching and moving scene where they consummate their love, their dreams of the deer end. Because they finally found their "sole mates".

There is an autistic woman. And a man with a crippled arm. When their quasi-romance begins, the man makes no effort at all to try to understand how the woman communicates, how she is different. She almost commits suicide because of the man's unwillingness to even try. And right after her suicide attempt, he sexually penetrates the woman, who was having difficulties even touching. Is this romantic? I find it abhorrent and disgusting.

And of course, the woman is partially cured of the autism after the man has had sex with her.

What a great take on autism! Really, if this film is romantic, I don't want to have anything to do with romance. But to be honest, I think the problem is not with romance, but how this film portrays it. This is a below-average film that became overrated because it deals with the topic of autism in a very unintelligent way in my opinion and because its beautiful imagery and slow pace.

This is not enough for a good film though. Don't fall for the hype, this is a bad film. One of the most overrated films ever. The idea is not too bad but the portraying is very silly and boring. Lost opportunity. Got the feeling when you throw the ball to your dog, but your little friend will never return?

This is it. Waek and stupid dialogues. If you like this movie you need to realize you're not a fan of film art, but a fan of goofy directing and writing. As a Hungarian guy I really wanted to like this film but I couldn't. I wouldn't say it's bad becasue I always trying to be objective, but it is. This movie failed as a movie. Lighting and camera wasn't too bad. But sets and colors? Why so bad? I can only repeat myself. Writing and directing is a job not for everyone.

Details in the movie are not really details. You must be really dumb to find "oh my God how smart details" here. No, no smart details here. You know nothing about characters. Most of the caharacters were in the movie for nothing, for no reason. If you remove the main characters you will get the same movie. At least you get rid of bad acting. I hope this movie is only a joke.

Body and Soul: ‘It was a twinkle in my eye when I was 21’

The rating is only for "you are the stupid who doesn't realize art". Have the guts to say that it's a bad movie. I have. The real age difference between 2 main characters is 34 years! Why cast such an old person? I had to close my eyes to avoid gruesome scenes of animals slaughter and lots of blood. Strange portrayal of an autistic person. So it all boils down to sex?

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I did't notice souls connection and frankly it would probably be impossible under the circumstances. The "penetration" scene was difficult to watch. More like a rape than love making. The "dreams" part has potential for a really beautiful story that didn't materialize. Actress might be supposed as autistic but I find she is quite lovely as deer. The whole hue in film is bright, moderate and cozy, Hungarian sounds especially enchanting there. Among representing conflicts in characteristics of actors respectively, deep-thinking reflects quite well as Hungarian's typical feature well, I'd not stereotype, lol Good movie and proud of Hungarian movie industry!

MikeyB 28 February It starts off with some originality. The dream sequences of deer in the forest were intriguing. But I don't feel much was made of this, and that the director ever succeeded in using this as a tie-in with our purported lovers. One of the most famous and influential takes was recorded by Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra on October 11, , at their only recording session for Bluebird , a subsidiary of RCA Victor.

The recording is unusual in that the song's melody is only hinted at in the recording; Hawkins' two-choruses of improvisation over the tune's chord progression constitute almost the entire take. When the song reached number 87 on the Billboard Hot for the week of October 1, , it made Bennett, at age 85, the oldest living artist ever to chart on the Hot , surpassing the previous record of George Burns. This record was then surpassed by Christopher Lee in It also gave Bennett the longest overall span of appearances on the Hot ; his version of " Young and Warm and Wonderful " appeared on the very first Hot chart for the week of August 4, Proceeds from "Body and Soul" go to benefit The Amy Winehouse Foundation , an organisation created to raise awareness and support for young adults struggling with addiction.

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